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Stirrup Queens Fisk Slate On Its Octo-Mom Article

Definitely worth reading:Octomom and the Embryo Transfer Debate

Though single embryo transfer has been a hot topic debated in the infertility world for quite some time, it has been thrust into the spotlight by Nadya Suleman’s octuplets, the result of a six embryo transfer. Slate had an article this week asking “Pregnant Pause: Who Should Pay for In Vitro Fertilization” that doesn’t truly answer that question, but instead discusses the pros–but not the cons–of a single embryo transfer. If Slate is taking a pregnant pause, I’d like to fill the silence.


One comment for “Stirrup Queens Fisk Slate On Its Octo-Mom Article”

  • Diane

    Thanks for bringing this article to my attention. It’s a good thing that people are calling out these mistakes.

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