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Assisted Reproduction

2007 IVF Success Rates Released

The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) has just issued their report of IVF Success Rates for 2007. If the octuplet fiasco has any positive legacy, hopefully it will have served to educate the consuming public about the risks of pursuing assisted reproduction without properly vetting their fertility clinic. You can also see how your facility compares by taking a look at this wonderful site that charts the facilities by live birth rate. To get a better understanding about how these statistics work, take a look at this helpful primer.

One very important caveat is that these numbers only paint part of the picture. Statistics alone do not by themselves tell you how good your doctor is nor can they predict the likelihood of your success. However, the information is an important factor to be considered as you evaluate potential physicians and may reveal red flags that could impact your choice of facilities. A cursory review of Michael Kamrava’s 2006 statistics would have given any reasonable person significant pause before moving forward with his clinic.


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