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How Low Can She Go? OctoMom Peddling Video of Births

It seems there is no depth that Nadya Suleman will not plumb to exploit her eight babies. Even as her children remain in the hospital, Suleman is peddling the video of their birth according to a published report. I do not know if I am more disgusted by Suleman for selling the video or by anyone who would pay to view it.

Suleman and Kamrava deserved one another. The problem is their actions are going to have a very real impact upon the infertility community who will ultimately pay a dear price for the unconscionable behavior of these two disturbed individuals. Lost in all of this is the well-being of the 14 children that Suleman clearly has no capacity to support. If there is any silver lining in this debacle it is the possibility that whatever ill-gotten funds are received by the prostitution of whatever shame Suleman had left is that the monies can be used to pay off some of the medical bills.

With this in mind, I wonder if it would be possible to argue that the octuplets should be considered child actors under California law and thus subject to California Coogan Law? California’s Coogan law requires that whenever a child actor works under a contract, the employers is required to deposit 15% of gross earnings directly into a Coogan Blocked Trust Account that has been set up in the minor’s name. These earnings are the legal property of the minor and monies placed in trust cannot be touched by anyone until the minor turns 18 or becomes legally emancipated. While I realize the Coogan law was not designed for a bizarre scenario like this, something should be done to ensure that those funds are used to advance the best interests of the children, not the publicity-hungry mother.


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    In a way, the more Suleman exploits her poor children, the better off the infertility community is. Each time she engages in attention-seeking behavior, she becomes more clearly complicit in exceeding the reasonable standards for IVF. The silence of the doctor is more damaging, as people will forget who he is far more quickly.

    I hope that your suggestion for the video profits is realized.

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