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More Information On SurroGenesis, Michael Charles & Tonya Collins

As more victims come forward, we are getting a better picture of the intertwined operations of SurroGenesis USA, the Michael Charles Holding Company and Tonya Collins. Also, it is clear that SurroGenesis is in damage control mode. They have deleted portions of their website and edited others.

Readers of this blog will recall that on Friday we disclosed how SurroGenesis established sham offices to give the false appearance that they were an international agency with 60 locations throughout the world to service their clients. Most of the offices led to non-existent locations or post office boxes. As of today, SurroGenesis has removed that section from their website. However, you can still find the old page at this link. You can also find an archived page of the SurroGenesis USA that contains information that has since been scrubbed from their site here.

One of the commenters to this Blog, Heather, was a former employee and surrogate for SurroGenesis. She has volunteered some very valuable information including:

As a former employee and surrogate i know for a fact that Michael Charles was owned by SurroGenesis, and Tonya had complete control over the trust accounts. I even know how the name Michael Charles came about.

Yes Jack is the Other Registered owner of Michael Charles. Jack’s middle name is Charles, and his partners name is Michael, thats how the name Michael Charles came about. As far as i know Jack did not have anything to do with they Trust accounts. Michael Charles was located in the Modesto office on Oakdale road. Tonya was at the Modesto Office, where Michael Charles was. When Tonya packed up and moved to Texas she moved Michael Charles to Texas shortly after she moved.

We will continue to update this Blog with information as it becomes available to us. However, if you have been impacted in anyway, I strongly encourage you to immediately contact an independent attorney, unaffiliated with this catastrophe, to ensure that you are protected. Among other things, please speak to your attorney about the viability of immediately seeking ex parte relief to freeze the assets of SurroGenesis USA, Michael Charles Holding and Tonya Collins. There are a number of weapons available to you and you and your attorney need to move expeditiously to prevent the further liquidation of any remaining assets.


27 comments for “More Information On SurroGenesis, Michael Charles & Tonya Collins”

  • RD

    Below is the B of A account that was provided to me by Michael Charles/SGUSA for me to put deposit as of mid February, 2009. They forced us (IP) to deposit additional excessive fund into the escrow account between 02/15/09 and 02/20/09.

    Michael Charles Group Wire Instructions
    Account Holder:

    Michael Charles Independent Financial Holding Group, Inc.
    3430 Tully Road, Suite 20
    Modesto, CA 95350

    Wire Routing Number: 026009593
    Account Number: 488016017531

    Bank Information:
    Bank of America
    3532 Joyce Drive
    Fort Worth, TX 76116

    • Laurie

      I cannot believe that they even have a website still and still soliciting business. I run a small Surrogacy agency in Reno, NV and do not hold account funds for couples. I am shocked and appauled that this happened and first cannot believe that Jack Kiserow and Tonya Ollins are not in jail and that they can still be running this business. Terrible for those of us who help in an honest way.

  • Denise

    I think this is a very unfortunate event. Im now just trying to collect as much info as I can. I am a surrogate carrying twins for an international couple. I, just as the IPs, have become a victim of this unfortunate event.

  • michael charles rep

    The following information has been accumulated as to date and could be useful to potential wronged parties. Information is provided with a best of knowledge intent

    Criminal Defense Attorney for Tonya Collins is
    Kevin Clancy of Clancy and Clancy
    Office number is 214-704-3728

    The bond information is
    Bond Number 15089250 thru
    South Coast Surety
    They will not review a claim until a conviction occurs.

    Representatives from Michael Charles and Surrogenesis are working with federal athorities to seek justice for all injured parties.

    The FBI is working on opening an investigation as of Mar 11 2009 but a case number has not been assigned yet and patience was requested.

    • Suzanne Woodard

      I was employed by Tonya A. Collins and she had me start the Michael Charles Indepenedent Financial Holding Group. It was started in a small office with Surrogenesis on Mark Randy Place. I have lots of information and would be glad to share it with you. I also lived with her at that time. Much info to give you!

      Jack Kisserow was not at fault. He had no knowledge of Tonya spending the Michael Charles funds.

      Tonya’s husband James was also unaware of the spending. She made sure that he did not know because she said he would have divorced her and take the kids.

      • WILEY

        Um, hi. Where have you been? We have been victims here for nearly a year and a half….why don’t you enlighten us victims since the FBI can’t seem to do much.

        • Suzanne Woodard

          Tonya did me WRONG! I was hoping this would all go away without any help from me. I only started Michael Charles for her before she kicked me to the curb. I would be glad to help in any way that I can but her “right hand” Debra would be the one with all the answers.

      • Mia

        “Suzanne Woodard” how did you come across this blog? Why are you just now responding to this crime over a year later? If you have information don’t blog about it. GO TO THE FBI !!!! PLEASE !!!

        • Suzanne Woodard

          already did go to the FBI

  • sb

    We have also been taken advantage of by Tonya Collins. How can we get our info out?

    • If you have not already done so, you should contact either Ted Penny or Wayne Beaudoin at 818.205.2808. These attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the victims against Tonya Collins, Michael Charles Holdings, SurroGenesis and others.

      Good luck to you SB!

      • sb

        Thank you. We will contact them immediately!!

  • Surro owed BIG TIME

    Is this for IP’s only or surros also?

  • yah your tot right

  • Glenda Dunn

    We placed funds with Tonya over 3 years ago. to date no surrogate and no baby from them, when I contacted them I was fobbed off, since we are in australia we were told nothing we could do, how sad to think more than a years wages for nothing, we do not have the money to continue she actually said no do not worry I will be your surrogate if you like, I would never see you both not have your dream fulfilled, how sad that this continues on, I could not believe that one person could bring on so so much heart ache, and to know she used our religion to get us on side, how cruel.

    • Glenda… I am wondering if Blending Lives can help with your situation? If so you can email me @ blendinglives@sbcglobal.net. I would love to see you continue on and not allow Surrogenesis to win in your fight to have a child… Best of luck in whatever you do…

  • Surroshark

    I am sad to say that I helped Tanya start SurroGenesis. My husband actually helped with the name. However, since the beginning I knew there was something wrong with her and the way that she talked about her own IP’s from the fist surrogacy she did. I knew it was ALL ABOUT the MONEY for her and NOTHING else. She is a GREEDY, heartless person who needs to be punished for what she has done. Nothing could bering back to the parents what they have lost… money is not the only thing they lost, but hopefully justice will help and they will find someone that is willing to help them and they find it within themselves to trust another person.
    I hope she rots where she belongs.

  • beginnersluck

    tonya is now in california again leaving her home in grapevine tx, which ann robinson decided to clear for her, leaving to be with her ex ex jo back to where the crimes were commited to start. is she running from the law of tx or just moving, we all know the answer to this, leaving debts behind in her tracks, none payment of bills and wages, claiming unemployment from tx and california when will the fraud ever end with such a nasty viscous callous women. Hope she rots in a dark place 4ever, jail is to good for her, we still be paying for her wrong doing by our taxes thanks


    How do you know that she is leaving Texas and heading back to California???

    • begginersluck

      lets just say she isnt untouchable and untraceable as she thinks. she has already left over a week ago maybe 2 or 3

  • Michelle

    I can not believe Tonya Collins is still free. Living in Ca….Like she she hasn’t done anything. I am very upset from what I have heared recently…..Some “SGUSA Victims” are planning to file a lawsuit against others like Shelley Tarnoff? Our money is GONE! It will never be found….Tonya will probably remain free and will start up another “Ponzi Scheme” in the future. But two wrongs DO NOT make a RIGHT. Why should Shelley be sued by us? She is a victim also. I feel we as victims should not be bringing a lawsuit against others on the outside of Tonya Collins “Scheme”.

  • Lyndsay

    I was hired by a temp to work there and i was there about a month or so as Anns asst, i was promised all this stuff they got me a name plate for anns door put all their softwear on my laptop ann gave me a key to the office and a blackberry. when i was hired i was told what i would get paid an hour and at the end of every month we would get a bonus (witch i never got), but soon after out of no where tonya decided she no longer wanted to keep me and couldnt give me or the temp a reason why and the temp was shocked to see me in their office cause just days before ann said she was happy with me…they were rude to parents, if there was a parent that wanted to know everything (witch they should cause its their child or eggs) ann would always have me tell them shes not there, just so she didnt have to talk to them.i would deposit checks for different amounts for ann from surro.it all just seemed a little fishy at times..i am happy that their all getting what they deserve!

  • Lyndsay

    And about the different states the only ones that they had a working person in it was TX and thats cause Ann lived there and CA all the rest were just address that was from a mail box in like every state that if any apps were sent to that state then they would have it sent to CA to make it look like there was someone working in that state.

  • tribs

    I just finished watching an episode on NPR about “SurroGenesis”, I don’t understand why Tonya is still free, WHY???, I am so pissed I am fuming with anger, she should be behind bars for the rest of her life..people like Berni Madoff, Tonya an all the likes of them should not be allowed to walk free,
    I think people should think about adoption …I know we all want our own flesh and blood but just understand that adoption helps in many ways.

    • guessing

      Adoption is not the easy route people think it is. Most companies and countries have strick age restrictions. If you are past age 40 it’s very difficult, especially if you want an infant, and like surrogacy, laws differ from state to state. Often you get very little medical or bio information about the child. There are also scam artists in the adoption business AND plenty of disappointments. I have several friends who went the adoption route only to have the birth mother change her mind just prior to or just after delivery. Meanwhile your hopes and money are also gone. My husband and I were fortunate enough to have two children through surrogacy, both from the same surrogate. There were many ups and downs but we were very fortunte. For anyone out there hoping to become a parent, whatever route you take is a blessed one if you realize your dream of having a family. And I personally attest to the fact that DNA does not matter one bit. We had an egg donor and these two children couldn’t be more mine. They look like a true combination of my husband and I and share many of my traits. It never even crosses my mind that they are not biologically mine.

    • Rick Thorn

      I watched the same episode and cannot believe our government’s bumbling policy in certain areas. A hapless immigrant from Mexico makes their way to the US to work minimum wage and support their family trapped by the clutches of greedy politicians in Mexico…and the US government will move heaven and earth to arrest and deport that individual. Here we have a sophisticated criminal mind, absent a soul, who is allowed to continue her scam. To steal your money is one thing. To steal hope and do it by preying on the emotions of dreams of innocent people places that criminal in a seperate category. The Greed Hall of Fame. She stinks. She deserves to have her knees broken. Equal treatment for anyone who helps her. What’s wrong with our government? But then…in the end her own greed will gobble her up. I only hope it is soon. Very soon.

  • AdoptiveMom

    My heart goes out to all the people
    caught up in the SurroGenesis scam.
    How sad and infuriating. I’m here to
    say that adoption is a great option.
    We got out daughter at 5 weeks, and
    I can’t imagine life without her.
    You DO get the child you are meant
    to have…she couldn’t be more ours
    if she was our biological child.

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