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Assisted Reproduction

SurroGenesis & Michael Charles Company Update

I have received a number of emails requesting a referral to an attorney in Texas. As many now know, Tonya Collins and Michael Charles Company allegedly relocated from California to Texas. If accurate, it is quite possible that there may be assets available — which should be frozen immediately for the benefit of the victims. I have spoken to Matthew Penny, Esq. at the Texas firm of Cokinos, Bosien & Young regarding this matter and have provided him with the background of what has transpired. Matthew has indicated to me that his firm is prepared to assist the victims of this fraud and I recommend you call him to determine what rights you may have and what remedies might be available to you in Texas. Matthew Penny can be reached directly at 713.535.5535.


2 comments for “SurroGenesis & Michael Charles Company Update”

  • sarah jones

    Please don’t put Jack Kiserow in this mix he was a silent parnter to Michael Charles and had no part of this until he was contacted by Tonya’s attorney. He was completely heartbroken and we are both working with authorities completely. Please stay strong and we will get justice!!!!


    You know what, I don’t agree. You should not put your name on something as “half owner” if you aren’t prepared to take responsibility. If you put your name down, you are too responsible. It’s unfortunate, but he made his bed by involving himself with her. Now he has to lay in it.

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