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Brief Update On Recent SurroGenesis Activities

I have been able to verify from additional victims that they too received phone calls within the last 24 hours from a “Deborah” at SurroGenesis USA requesting that additional funds be provided to a “new holding company”. According to an archived copy of SurroGenesis’ website, a Deborah Haworth worked at SurroGenesis USA as their Surrogate Program Administrator.

It takes unmitigated gall to make any request for funds given what we now know. While it may be well-intended employees of SurroGenesis trying to make amends for the actions of Tonya Collins, I cannot discourage you enough from having any contact with SurroGenesis or authorizing them to take any steps on your behalf.

Needless to say, anyone working with SurroGenesis should not provide any additional funds or information to anyone identifying themselves as affiliated with SurroGenesis USA or Michael Charles Holding Company. If you receive a call, you should seek the caller’s consent to tape record the conversation, insist that the communication be via email so that it can be memorialized or have the SurroGenesis representative contact your attorney directly. Further, I would encourage you to document every call you receive, no matter how immaterial it may seem, as it may be of assistance in any criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation.


One comment for “Brief Update On Recent SurroGenesis Activities”

  • Denise

    Deborah was my “contact” at the agency after my previous “contact” Andrea Pruett “left” the company. I personally know Deborah outside of the company. Though I trust her outside of the company I am not sure I trust her as a part of the company. She was always difficult to get a hold of and was always very short with her messages. I loved working with Andrea because she was always one to write just to say hi and keep up with everything for me. I have cut all ties with SurroGenesis. I will only speak with attorneys or my IPs directly.

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