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Important Alert About SurroGenesis

I have just received a very disturbing email from one of the victims of the SurroGenesis/Michael Charles scandal. Apparently an employee of SurroGenesis, identifying herself as Deborah, is contacting clients and requesting that they deposit additional funds into a new holding company. It should go without saying that you should not deposit any funds into a “holding” company being touted by SurroGenesis. Quite simply, you should not allow SurroGenesis to take any action on your behalf at this time.

If you receive any communication from SurroGenesis USA, please memorialize it immediately. In fact, you may want to seek the consent of the SurroGenesis employee and record the conversation (in some states, the consent of only one party is required but you should consult with your attorney first).

The hubris involved here is beyond imaginable. Please do not entertain any notion of giving SurroGenesis any additional funds. Please immediately contact your independent attorney and apprise them of any communication you may receive from SurroGenesis.


60 comments for “Important Alert About SurroGenesis”

  • broke

    Why Not!!

    We already poured all of our frickin life’s savings into MC and SurroGenesis, so why not give them more money!!! They sooo deserve more money. It just makes sense!

  • andrewh

    Unbelievable. I thought maybe that she was too stupid or naive to fully know what was happening but clearly she is an accessory to the scam and is putting herself in a position to be punished when this is all over. It can’t happen fast enough.


    Please keep in mind that Tonya has access to all of her current and/or former employees SurroGenesis email accounts as she is the owner/administrator of the email account. She is the one that creates them and can pose as any of her employees at any given time. The email may appear to be coming from Deborah, when in all actuality it is from Tonya. She is VERY computer savy and can create or delete email accounts within minutes.

    • andrewh

      it’s phone calls as well, so unless she’s good at impersonating voices it’s actually Deborah.


        Then chances are it is Deborah. She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Also, keep in mind that Tonya and Ann were impersonating Michael Charles employees. Tonya was Sarah and Ann was Reagan. There is an issue with impersonations here.

  • Anony

    The emails Deborah is sending me say they’re coming from her Blackberry. Either way shes lame!!!!!!!!!!


      I completely agree!

  • anon

    I just want to throw out here that its no longer suspicion that folks from SurroGenesis are reading these things too, but its confirmed that they are (via phone conversations from this morning) and I’m afraid further public commenting is adding fuel to the fires.

    People will do what they want, but I would HIGHLY suggest that things be limited to private email or direct communication with your own attorneys.

    • ANON

      At this point the damage has been done. The fact that they would even contact one person who was a client to pretend they were still in business or attempt to take more money is comical.

      • Heather

        What It’s about time has said is true. Tonya will sent emails from other employee’s accounts. Also Tonya and Ann sometimes use factious names when calling people, however their accents suck.

        They are all truly sad and pathetic people for doing what they have done. Its also sad that they are still contacting people asking for more money even though they have taken all of it already. Shows hoe heartless they really are.

      • MC Hater

        Regarding the Trust Accounts:

        The accounts were simply just a single bank account that was set up in MC’s name. The accounts were insured for up to 100K (FDIC). Tonya never provided actual receipts to the clients for the deposits from the bank (written by the bank). She used a computer program called quick books to generate receipts and invoices, and log all payments/deposits. The program allowed her or Maria to generate full statements or acute statements mailing them out monthly. After Maria was reassigned to a SGUSA position in 7-2008- a lot of the clients stopped receiving statements and deposit receipts that are generated from QB.

        Regarding Deborah asking for additional funds from active clients- I have personally spoke with a few of my clients to confirm that this is true. They have informed me that Deborah contacted them via email and by phone requesting a medical CD deposit of 15K on top of their current balance. This is absolutely BS- how dare them ask for money (the client is not even cycled or have a surrogate/donor selected). The client was naive enough to send 50K and was going to send the additional requested amount- I told the client to NOT send the money.

  • U R Lame

    As a former employee of Surrogenesis it bothers me that people are jumping to their own conclusions. All Deborah has ever wanted was to help couples with their dream of having a child. If she is sugggesting that they put money in a different trust account I’m sure it is so that she can continue to help them. She has never been anything but nice to any of these people so how dare them turn on her the first chance they get. As for Anon if Deborah is such a bad person why are you continuing to contact her. She is the only one to my knowledge that makes herself available 24/7 for everyone. So before you people accuse you should have the facts straight. Better yet maybe you should let the proper people handle this and stop spreading rumors that you know nothing about. As for Heather maybe you should move on and get a life other ten the blogs all day long.Does everyone really need to hear from you about things you don’t know about.

    • ANON

      Only an idiot would allow themselves to get ripped off TWICE by the same people. Good luck believing they are still an operating company.

      • Not idiots. Just very vulnerable people desperately clinging to the hope that no one could be so deliberately evil as to steal from them their chance to have a family.

    • No one is accusing Deborah or any other employee of SurroGenesis of either wrongful conduct or being aware of the scam that was being perpetrated. For all we know, Deborah might not be the source of the phone calls. Alternatively, Deborah might be seeking to make amends for the wrongful conduct of Tonya Collins. The only purpose of reporting these calls is to alert SurroGenesis clients regarding the phone calls so they can make an informed decision about whether to entrust additional funds to an organization under FBI investigation and for which there are dozens of victims who have lost, quite literally, millions of dollars.

    • Another victim

      U R Lame, how do you know that Anon has continued to contact Deborah? All that was indicated on the threads here was that Anon had phone conversations this morning and that the emails that Deborah is sending is coming from her Blackberry. Not once was there a mention that Anon contacted Deborah. So what would make you assume that Deborah was contacted unless you have actual first-hand knowledge? Obviously you are not Anon so are you actually Deborah?

      • Anon

        By the way, several of us are posting anonymously (aka Anon) 😉

        • Another victim

          Yup, understood. Only wanted to make a point that regardless of how many Anons are on this post, not a single individual, posting as “Anon” mentioned the level of detail that U R Lame revealed (for example, that Anon contacted Deborah).

          • anon

            Anyone else convinced that U R Lame is Deborah?

          • IT’S ABOUT TIME

            I’m convinced that “U R Lame” is either Deborah or her sister, Kelly. I don’t know of anyone else that would defend Deborah like that.

  • U R Lame

    To you Mr.Andrew how dare you insult people and call them dumb or say they are not the brighest crayon in the box. As an attorney you should be ashamed at insulting people you don’t know anything about. You should also know better then to acuse people of things with out the proper facts.

    • You must be mistaken as I have neither engaged in any ad hominem attacks nor insulted anyone. Perhaps you misread something that was written by someone else? Ironically enough, while you seem intent upon castigating others for rudeness, you have selected a user name which in and of itself is insulting and undermines any moral authority you have to lecture others.

      Also, I have only posted information that I have been able to verify from independent sources. While I can understand your loyalty to SurroGenesis, I am not so encumbered and will continue to voice my concerns so as to hopefully limit the damage to the victims of this scandal.

  • ANON

    Hey just so you know, blogs are pretty much anonymous and there are many people with the name “andrew” so it’s not necessarily the same andrew that runs this website. Plus it was a different person anyway that made the crayon comment. Maybe you’re new to the internet.

    Also Deborah may be a nice person to speak to but people would be foolish to believe she knew nothing about the shenanigans of Tonya Collins. The company was operating under illegal circumstances and people have a right to be pissed off. They will all be punished eventually.

  • Cynthia

    Please, Please tell those of us that are employed by SurroGenesis what you would have us do? We have all been obliterated by the actions of one person and one person only. Eleven P.M. Monday night March 9th all our lives changed and I include the victims in that our. I, Ann and Deborah have sobbed with our Intended Parents and surrogates. We have worked around the clock answering phone calls trying to get answers trying to help. We have called the police. we have offered every bit of information we have to everyone. We have received the death threats, the whispered phone messages of I know where you live and kiss your children good bye. My son went to answer the door the other day and I knocked him out of the way to get to the door first because I did not know if the person on the other side had come to hurt me or my child. So again I ask what do you want us to do because there is no conspiracy theory going on we were people hired to do a job just like the peons that worked for Bernie Madoff. We are all sick in heart and soul for these victims. These are people we spoke with everyday and waited on the results of that first beta test with them and cried with them when it was negative and rejoiced when it was positive. I guess I do not understand when we became the monsters because of the actions of one person.

    • Cynthia,

      Everyone needs to be careful to not paint with too broad a bush. I have previously posted on how there are many honorable people who have worked at or with SurroGenesis that should not be tarred and feathered along with Tonya. I have no doubt there are very caring people who worked at SurroGenesis that are ashamed at what Tonya Collins did and had no idea at all as to what was taking place. It is a given that the vast majority of people that get into this field do so out of altruistic motivations. You sound like one of those people and I am sorry that you are being implicated along with those that clearly are responsible.

      Please understand Cynthia that emotions are running high at the moment. As more information comes into the public domain and passions begin to subside, I suspect most people will be able to look at what transpired with a more critical eye and be able to separate the culpable from the innocent. My advice to you is to continue doing what you are doing to help those that have been hurt. Your actions will speak volumes and you will emerge with your integrity intact.

    • Rhonda

      Cynthia~ I spoke to Deborah this morning and asked her, quite specifically, if she’s contacted the authorities. She told me, unequivocally, NO she hasn’t because she “doesn’t know anything.” I suggested that she DOES know details, timelines, and information on connecting some of the dots.

      I’m not saying Deborah knows anything, and I’m not saying you haven’t called the police yourself. But to say that “We have called the police. we have offered every bit of information we have to everyone,” is false and really undermines any sense of trust that your are trying to convince us of.

      If you are getting death threats then by all means, you really need to contact the police and/or the FBI. I wish no one physical harm but I do want to see every person responsible – and that includes people in position of authority, even if only in name – held accountable to all criminal and civil charges. And I REALLY want to see national coverage of this travesty so that people out there know that there are shady, shady characters who will take advantage of people at their most vulnerable all for the sake of a buck.

      These parents haven’t just lost money. They’ve lost trust, dreams, security and faith. Somebody has to pay for that and I hope, with time in jail.


    Unfortunately Cynthia, people are emotionally and financially destroyed about what has happened. It’s going to be very difficult for people to have any sympathy for the 3 of you (you, Ann and Deborah) because of your connection to Tonya. They can only assume that Ann is directly involved seeing as though her and Tonya have an intimate relationship. They can only assume that you are somehow involved seeing as though you are Ann’s sister. They can only assume Deborah is involved because she is Tonya’s life-long best friend. What do you expect?!?!

  • Cynthia

    I am in no way trying to elicit sympathy for us, that was not the point of the post all sympathy goes to the victims as does ours but along with empathy we are trying to do our very best to help them. This the problem people are not stating the right facts. I am not Ann’s sister. What I am trying to say is we will not be guilty by association and have our integrity questioned and slandered any longer when we have done nothing wrong.

    • U R Lame

      I have to say I agree with what Cynthia said. To my knowledge it is Tonya and Michael Charles that are being investigated not the employees of Surrogenesis. So before everyone finds them guilty maybe they should think about what they are going through and what their families are going through with all the added stress you are putting on them by talking about them. All they are trying to do is help the families that have been wronged. However I do appologize that it was not Andrew V that made the comments about Deborah. But the other AndrewH did and he and It’s about time should keep their personal comments to themselfs. No one is asking anyone to feel sorry for them as employees of Surrogenesis but it would be nice if you backed off and let them do their jobs. They were just as shocked by this as anyone else. As for Deborah just because she has known Tonya for years that doesn’t mean she knew what was going on. Deborah has worked from home for sometime now and I’m sure this is a shock to her just like everyone else. Maybe even more of a shock considering she has known Tonya for some time.

  • Heather

    Cynthia i am really sorry that you are getting phone calls like that.

    But there were things that EVERYONE could have done. All could have listened to their surrogates when they were saying that their checks were bouncing, or that they were not getting their checks on time. Questions could have been asked.

    I can understand that people are irate, and hurt, however that’s no reason to threaten an innocent child.

    • I could not agree more Heather. It is despicable that anyone would threaten Cynthia or her family. There are many victims in this mess and we all need to be careful to focus our attention on those that were responsible for the wrongdoing and not assume the worst merely because of their associations. So while I can understand the heated passions, there is a line that should not be crossed.

  • I would Prefer Not to Say!

    Lets spell out the details:
    As a former employee, everyone that was employed through the corporate office: Ann, Deborah, Heather, Cynthia, Andrea etc. understood at sometime that MC was owned by both Tonya Collins and Jack Kiserow. No one grasped the concept that Tonya embezzled money. Ann was and still is Tonya’s right hand man.

    As for you Cynthia and Deborah- Please discontinue the lies as I personally know that you are aware that Tonya was spending others money. Money that did not belong in her hands or the numerous bank accounts that she opened through Tri Counties Bank of Modesto, and B OF A in Texas. I am not saying that you do not sincerely care about the clients that were robbed, I am simply saying that you WERE AND STILL ARE AWARE of what is going on. Ann HAS referred to you as her sister on several occasions, although you are not biologically related.

    Many of the employees of SGUSA had many conflicts with Tonya and the way that she ran the company. As I have heard through the grapevine… Employees many times had bounced payroll checks, canceled insurance policies (several times) and even had the utilities shut off in the office (which was ran out of Tonya’s home in Modesto, CA).

    Tonya and Ann do plan on continuing with SGUSA as long as possible. Once the day comes that they are required to shut down the doors for whatever reason, they have planned to open another surrogate agency called: Graceful Miracles (www.gracefulmiracles.com)–Check it out.
    As for information about Tonya and Ann:

    *Tonya Ann Collins/Torres/Pruett (Spouse: James Vincent Collins)
    *DOB: 8-14-1975.

    *Barbara Ann Rice-Robinson:
    (Spouse: James Matthew Robinson- Goes by Matt or Matthew)
    *DOB: 6-25-1975

    I do not believe that there is anything left to say!

    ***Moderator Comment: I have removed the address information from this Comment. If your attorney does not have this information, please have them contact us and we will provide it. ****

    • anon

      This is PRECISELY why 1)it is so important to let the FBI do their job. Tonya has GOT to get apprehended and 2) I really want the media to get on this ASAP.

      And, perhaps Andrew can blog about this…but as much as I HATE to say it, maybe it’s time for some regulation of this industry. I can’t believe that someone can just one day decide to start up this kind of business without any requirements. Surrogates and IPs go through far more invasive background checks, and yet we can see the pain and suffering that fraudulent agencies are responsible for!

      Should we be contacting our congressmen!??

      • Michael

        Hi Anon,

        I agree 100% and have been writing to the media on this. Please contact me. Are you on Sterling’s email list?

      • broke

        Let this hit the media first, then get with your congressman or even senator! This will get some nationwide attention and the politicians will follow….

  • Cynthia

    For one if any bodily harm comes to Ann because you just posted her address on the internet, I will personally see you prosecuted. One thing that was a bit surprising when I came to work here was all the nepotism but from what I understand, Tonya started this business in her home and it grew rapidly and she needed help so she hired the people she knew which were family and friends. Andrew to be honest I did not get into this business with altruistic motivations. My career was in real estate the property management side and I was laid off a year ago when the economy began it’s downward spriral. Ann and I have been friends for years so of course she knew about my job situation and asked if I would come to work for SurroGenesis until I could find another job in real estate. It was supposed be short term but I ended up staying. I never expected to love this feild or to become so emotionally involved with each and every case. The day in the life of a case manager as Heather can attest because I trained her is a hectic one. There is no time for reflection because you are just in reaction mode going from one tiny crisis to another. Hindsight is 20/20 have I asked myself repeatedly this last week what did I miss how did I miss that YES I wish I had answers for everyone including myself. The question I have for former emplpyees’ is what authorites did you speak with do you have a copy of the complaint do you have a name of the person you spoke to. I am on here as myself I am not hiding behind a fake name because I have nothing to hide. When everyhing comes to light I truly beleive in my heart that it will come down to one person that knew what was going on.

    • Anon

      Cynthina- you are so quick to make threats, you did not enjoy them- so why would you make threats upon others!?!

      Also, this information was found on 411- any joe can pull this information up! Think about it!

  • Heather

    Yes being a case manager is hectic, but i LOVED every minute if it! I loved what i did, but the everything else that i knew was going on made me not love coming to work.

    When i left i called the local Sheriffs department who told me to call the DA’s office, when i called the DA’s office i was told there was nothing they could do unless i had paper proof for a victim came forward. Also the IRS did nothing… I guess one thing Tonya did pay was her taxes… And to answer your question no I’m sorry i don’t have names.

    I don’t KNOW for a fact if Deborah or Cynthia had anything to do or knew about what Tonya did. When i think about it my logic is yes. Deborah has been friends with Tonya for a long time, and Deborah’s sister worked in the cooperate office. Ann is Tonya’s right hand man, and Cynthia was best friends with Ann.. However Talking about embezzling millions of dollars is not exactly dinner conversation ya know. As far as Ann goes, i don’t trust her, i don’t believe a word that comes out of that woman’s mouth.

    Question is if everyone at the corporate office knew what was going on, how did everyone else not know? As close as everyone was i don’t get it. Also didn’t you get curious when surrogates were repeatedly not getting paid on time, or checks were bouncing?

    I’m not trying to attack you, these are just questions that myself, I’m sure other people, and some of the surrogates that i still talk to have…

    • Anon

      Exactly. At least you have a sense of logic that some others are incapable of having. I asked Michael Charles financial for statements showing what was paid out of our account and after multiple requests received a single page with just our balance on it. Then the payments to our surrogate started bouncing. I immediately told Tonya on the phone that I was suspicious of Michael Charles and their financial health, and asked about insurance, FDIC, etc.

      It took me about a week to be suspicious of the entire setup. For staff of Surrogenesis to say they had no idea about illegal activities is complete BS. Nobody should be gullible enough to believe them. They might have worked hard, be caring people, not profited from theft of client funds, but right now they are liars AND guilty by association. That’s just the way it is. They don’t deserve death threats that is for sure. But they do deserve to be under the microscope and a full investigation. They were knowing accessories to a criminal and that is very bad.

      • Heather

        From what i have been told by several people that worked in the corporate office was that IP’s did not have their own trust accounts like they were told. From what i was told all the money was deposited into one trust account (or multiple trust accounts) and Tonya collected the interest off of them. But every parent did not have their own individual trust account.

        That could be why you had to request the records multiple times, and then only got a balance and not what had been spent..

        Like i said i don’t know this for a FACT, it was just what i was told by several people that worked in the corporate office…

        • Rhonda

          My thoughts are the same…investments being used to line Surrogenesis’ coffers or Tonya’s own pocket.

          Another thought is that as the market slowed down, so did clientele. SG had to make it’s payroll and overhead, and as the funds dropped off from agency fees, money was used from trust account(s) to meet expenses.

          When my check bounced, I asked my coordinator why on earth would a trust fund, of all things, bounce. There should have been several thousands of dollars in there. Her reply was she didn’t know, but “sometimes they use the wrong account”.

          Something I’ve wondered…employees of SGUsa, were your paychecks on SGUsa accounts or MC accounts? Or did you never get paper checks? And during the time that surrogate checks were getting later and later, or worse were bouncing, were you experiencing problems getting paid? Those of you still working for the defunct company, is Tonya still paying you?

          • Heather

            I am sure if the economy had not tanked Tonya would not have gotten caught.

            I asked the same question when my surrogate checks bounced. I was told that they used a “buffer” account and they had not transferred the funds to the account.

            As far as my payroll checks, i got them on time, and they were issued from SGUSA’s Tri Counties bank account.

          • Sharon Collins

            Question from Rhonda:
            Something I’ve wondered…employees of SGUsa, were your paychecks on SGUsa accounts or MC accounts? Or did you never get paper checks? And during the time that surrogate checks were getting later and later, or worse were bouncing, were you experiencing problems getting paid? Those of you still working for the defunct company, is Tonya still paying you?

            Our paychecks were on a SGUSA account, although Tonya would call the bank daily to tranfer money from MC to an SG or her personal account so that she would have money. I personally did not have a bounce check, but other employees did (Hilary and Andrea). At one point and time I was offered a direct deposit option for my bi weekly payroll- I refused this as I was not comfortable providing Tonya and Ann with my bank account number.

            The only current employees that work for SGUSA is Deborah- I believe as she informed me that Tonya informed her that she would be able to keep her job! NICE!! Who would want to work for a corrupt company like that.

    • I would Prefer Not to Say!

      From Heather:Question is if everyone at the corporate office knew what was going on, how did everyone else not know? As close as everyone was i don’t get it. Also didn’t you get curious when surrogates were repeatedly not getting paid on time, or checks were bouncing?

      Answer: Plenty of times the employees had the oppertunity to inform their clients, although it would not be ideal as Tonya always threatened us with Jed Somit- her attorney who she would retain to sue us for slander and breaking the gag order.

      • Heather

        That’s a good point…

        She threatened to sue me for slander and threatened to get a gag order on me when she found out i was going to go to the authorities… Kept me quiet for about a week, then i quit and went to the authorities anyway…

        • Rhonda

          I’m no lawyer, but even I know something is only slander if it’s untrue!

  • Just wondering

    Does anyone have information on whether Gabrielle was involved/knowledgeable (she works in the Palo Alto office)?

    • Another Victim

      She was supposedly the COO. How could she not, at the very least, be aware that Tonya was behind Michael Charles “Independent” Holding Company? Gabrielle has personally stated on a couple of occasions that she “[has] personal funds” with Michael Charles– if that was truly the case, she must have known about their business practices. If not, then she was a pathetic COO or was in that capacity in name only.

    • I would Prefer Not to Say!

      Gabrielle was definitely aware of what was going on. She did not have her hands in the cookie Jar though. She did have personal funds in MC as she too was trying to conceive another child through third party reproduction in late 2008.
      Gabrielle was aware that Tonya owned MC from the time that she became the COO with SGUSA. She is a very intelligent person, but simply does not have common sense or street smarts!


    Where’s the moderation on this site. This is incredible unsubstantiated gossip. I would have thought the lawyer hosting this site would have more common sense. That’s a trial lawyer for you.

    What do you have to say Andrew – do you do any fact checking before allowing these comments to be posted?

    I’d like to see a statement from you about where you stand on the matter.

    • Anon

      How would anyone know what is fact and what is not? Use some common sense please. It’s free speech. Everyone knows that not everything you read in newspapers, internet sites or watch on TV is necessarily true. You can’t ask someone to remove things that you personally don’t want to hear.

    • Broke Too,

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I will not censure this site merely because some of what is being said might offend you. I have moderated comments that contain personal information. To the extent I learn that anyone is publishing defamatory statements, I will immediately delete them. But I will not delete comments simply because you or anyone else believe them to be “gossip”. The victims of this fraud need a forum to vent and share their experiences. As long as the comments are civil and non-libelous, I will not be moderating them. If it bothers you to read such “gossip”, I suggest you engage in self-moderation and stop visiting.

  • MC Hater

    Andrea- well said. I am sure that BrokeToo can find motivation to stop visiting the site if it is that big of an issue.

    Most of the facts stated are true, if they were not- someone was sure to correct the misinterpreted information.

    Broke too- are you tonya or Ann or possibly deborah? I dont understand why you would be worried abou what is said if you are too a victim of the above women.


    I’m an observer. So out of curiosity, didn’t the IP’s have lawyers do the paperwork and didn’t they scrutinize or do any diligence?

    Surely there was a reason all these people chose Surrogenesis?

    Surely there are many people that had positive experiences?

    I’m just pointing out that a lot of this could have been mitigated had people done their work ahead of time.

    As far as I can tell the only facts are that peoples money has vaporized. That money was in some sort of trust and was in a bank somewhere.

    I this how the rest of the egg clinics works?

    I think this industry needs to be heavily regulated.

    I also think the lawyers are to blame, to some extent, for not properly vetting the financial and legal status of these trusts.

    This is the other side of the coin. This is the other part of the story that is not being told.

    Very appropos and similar to the wall street collapse and greed that hurt many people… you see it was the greedy brokers and the industry itself that caused a great deal of pain.

  • U R Lame

    Once again people are talking about things they have no proof of. As a former Surrogennesis employee I know that Sharon Collins worked from home as well as Deborah. Sharon entered egg donor apps into the computer and seldom spoke with any one at the office. So why would Deborah speak with her. I know Sharon had no problum with Tonya when she was paying her morgage for her.

    • Anon

      I bet Sharon did not have a problem when Tonya was paying her mortgage! I think it is easy to portray someone on here as you can create any name you would like! Got to love the world of BLOGS!
      Where is Sharon claiming that she had an issue with Tonya…YIKES. Can you say Family Feud? I also couldn’t find where Deborah was speaking to Sharon. I am confused!!!

    • A. Nonny Mouse


      The comment posted by Sharon Collins, wasn’t Sharon. As another poster pointed out, you can use any name that you type in…notice how the rest of the posters haven’t included their last names (Mr. Vorzimer excepted). Obviously, this poster is trying to use the name Sharon Collins to give his/her post legitimacy, but has obviously just added Tonya’s last name to Sharon’s first name.

      Additionally, Sharon did not have a problem with Tonya paying her mortgage because Tonya NEVER PAID Sharon’s mortgage. Tonya may have claimed that she was paying Sharon’s mortgage, but then, Tonya claims a lot of things. I notice on the cached pages of Surrogenesis’ Web site, that she claims she went to UOP and studied chemistry. I could be wrong, but I suspect research would show that she has never been enrolled at UOP.

  • Stella
  • michelle

    if u andrea pruitt are on here please contact me michelle at pinedo.michelle@yahoo.com im not mad at you u were my casemaganer and we became somewhat friends i just want to know your take on tonyas bs.

  • heart-broke/n

    I would really like to know where and if TONYA’s husband, James V. Collins is in all this? Is he real or what? What will Tonya look like in prison stripes when she posts her picture on MYSPACE! and FACEBOOK.

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