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Texas Counsel Considering Possible Lawsuit Against SurroGenesis, et al.

I have just spoken to Matthew Penny, a Texas attorney who has been helping a number of the victims in the Michael Charles Financial and SurroGenesis imbroglio. Mr. Penny’s firm is in the process of identifying potential Plaintiffs and determining the viability of a civil lawsuit that could be filed in Texas against Michael Charles Financial, SurroGenesis, Tonya Collins and other culpable parties. He has also been speaking to Sterling Johnson so as to coordinate their efforts on behalf of the victims.

If you have been following this blog you know that Ms. Collins relocated Michael Charles Financial to Texas. The hope is that there may be some assets available in Texas that can be recovered on behalf of the victims. Also, the attorneys are assessing whether there are other potentially culpable parties who may have some responsibility for the damages that you have suffered. If you have been victimized, I encourage you to call Mr. Penny at 713.535.5535 as soon as possible to see if his firm can assist you. I suspect that Mr. Penny’s firm will want to aggregate as many clients as possible so as to reduce the financial responsibility of each Plaintiff.


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