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Health Insurance Concerns For SurroGenesis Surrogates

If you have been reading this thread, you are aware that allegations have been made that SurroGenesis was “employing” their Surrogates so as to secure medical coverage for them under their company’s group plan. Further, it has been reported that the Blue Shield of California Group Policy maintained by SurroGenesis has been canceled due to nonpayment of premiums.

If you are either an Intended Parent with a Surrogate who was insured under the SurroGenesis group plan or a Surrogate who received her medical insurance through the SurroGenesis group plan, please contact your attorney immediately. In addition to a number of legal issues which are now raised as a result of this potential insurance scam, you may not have medical insurance for your pregnancy.


4 comments for “Health Insurance Concerns For SurroGenesis Surrogates”


    Before you jump to conclusions about employment status and calling this a scam you might consider the option that this might have been an association health plan.

    • Given that Blue Shield does not offer AHPs, I doubt anyone is jumping to conclusions. In fact, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has been one of the leading opponents of AHPs.

    • kwangsuh

      We switched from Secure Horizon to Banker’s Life Insurance company in December 2008 and signed cosent forms that supposed to change my primary insurance from Horizon to medicare starting Jan of 2009. It did not transfer due to their mistakes and now we are sitting on medical bills. Bankers Insurance does not care and they simply ignore repeated attemps to resolve this. They already took well over 1600 dollars of our monthly payments and the medical bill that we are sitting on is about 1000 dollars. They should just pay for this. They are taking away $400 dollars from us each month. This is awfully unfair.

  • Dontworryaboutit

    It was also a scam. The surrogates were placed on the office employee health insurance plan. Fake stubs were made, just in case the company were to get audited by the insurance company, they were advised by Kate Lyon that it was not legitament to do this- Apparently they chose to ignore the advice given. Once the surrogates passed a certain time commitment on the policy, Ann would switch them to COBRA insurance.

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