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The New York Times

I was interviewed by the New York Times which is looking into the SurroGenesis and Michael Charles Company debacle. The reporter for the Times has requested that I provide her contact information on this Blog so as to speak to some of the victims. After giving it some consideration, I am going to honor her request and provide the contact information. While generally I caution my clients against seeking media exposure, in this instance I agree with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis who wrote that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.” In my opinion, the only way to further limit the harm that has been caused by Tonya Collins, not only to the victims of her fraud but to our community as a whole, is to make sure this story is publicized and unscrupulous agencies closed down. If you are interested in speaking to the New York Times regarding your experiences, please contact Stephanie Saul at:

The New York Times



6 comments for “The New York Times”

  • Denise

    i interviewed with the New York Times yesterday and was contacted for an interview with the LA Times for sometime today. I thought about contacting my local news channel to shed light in this area, since I live in the area SurroGenesis was supposed to be located.

    • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

      Denise- Are you working with international clients? If so I think I may have been your caseworker! please email me- misspriss027@yahoo.com


    I really feel, the more we speak out, the more likely media is to grab onto the story, the more likely she is to get arrested.

  • Another victim

    The NY Times is publishing the article on SurroGenesis and Michael Charles in tomorrow’s print edition but it is now available online. Link below:


    Based on the article, the FBI is only evaluating the case and has not opened an official investigation?!! Is there not enough information/proof to investigate? Tonya must not be allowed to get away with the crime she has committed!

  • anon

    The agent listed in the article is NOT the agent I spoke with earlier this week from the Modesto FBI office.

    This is fraud and embezzlement, crossing state lines!! If the FBI isn’t going to open an official investigation, then it’s time to get senators and representatives involved!!

  • IP2

    I am trying to build up a list of regualtory authorities who could be usefully contacted – we need to focus on those that have some interest or responsibility in this area.

    For example I believe the secretart of state of California is meant to regulate escrow agents. If we all complain to the appropraite state agency, the governor, and those that live in CA to their elected representatives we might get some action at state level

    Any other ideas for who we can drag in? Please share ideas. My e-mail on its own will be ignored, 20 e-mails on the same subject will get some attention.

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