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Michael Charles Financial Fabricated A Testimonial

I received an email from Stephanie Goldman, owner of Family Creations, LLC. Stephanie was perusing Michael Charles Finacial’s now defunct website and discovered that her agency had apparently endorsed Michael Charles. The only problem is that Stephanie’s agency never worked with Michael Charles Financial and the “testimonial” was signed by an employee of SurroGenesis, Deborah Haworth. Stephanie has authorized me to post her email so that she can set the record straight.

Hi Andy,

I thought this was interesting…

I did a search online to find Michael Charles’s website… I thought it had been removed, but that was not the case. Looks like their site is
up and running! What bothered me was their testimonial page. Click on the link below.


Here is the quoted testimonial:

“Thank you for all you do. We are so excited to be working with Michael Charles. Your company is a breath of fresh air. We never have complaints from Surrogates or Egg Donors that the check did not go out on time. All payments are processed when you receive them. This is so helpful to our company and makes things go smoothly! Keep up the good work.

Deborah Haworth, Family Creation Surrogacy”

First, Family Creations is my agency name (plural) and we have NEVER referred anyone to Michael Charles. Also, the writer of the quote has never worked for or been related to our agency in any way. In fact, Ithink after reading your blog, that Deborah Haworth is actually an employee of Surrogenesis.

In normal circumstances we would ask to have the false testimony removed, but since since that is not a possibility in this case, I thought it best to at least bring it to someones attention.

Thanks so much again for all you are doing.


39 comments for “Michael Charles Financial Fabricated A Testimonial”


    Well, that was fast. Looks like your link is no longer working that you listed here either….thus Tonya is most likely viewing all of these posts and making changes right away…..shocker.

  • anon

    Or maybe, hopefully, the FBI has shut it down…..

    • I wish that was the case. The website was went offline on March 10th. Until late this week you could access some of the pages if you had the direct links. Apparently their ISP has suspended the account and nothing is available anymore.

      • Another Victim

        Google it and then click on the cached result…you can still find the information.

  • Rhonda

    Did Stephanie grab a screen-shot?!

  • Michael

    I believe I have the entire website donwloaded (I’m not at the computer I did this from to verify, but am pretty sure). If anyone needs this for legal purposes, I am working with Andrew and you can ask him for it.

  • Rhonda

    Wow…I saw it using cached Google results.

    I really didn’t want to believe this from Deborah, but… wow.

    • noyb

      Perhaps it isn’t Deborah, could Tonya be dragging everyone else to this too??? Perhaps I am being naive, but I just cannot believe Deborah would be involved in this…

    • Deborah

      I would like to start by saying this is Deborah formerly of SurroGenesis. Yes I have known Tonya for 25 years
      which makes this that much harder for me to take. I have contacted parents of SG to help them continue with their
      process. I work around the clock for the intended parents, surrogate mothers, and egg donors that I have worked
      with. I love what I do and the joy my job brought me was amazing. When talking to parents about a new trust company
      what nobody took the time to understand or think about is I never once asked them to send me or SG any money.
      The people that I talked to about the new trust account are still at the start of the process and will need to set
      up a trust to do the contracts. I spent several hours trying to contact every IP, SM, and ED I have worked with to
      let them know I am here to help, never with the hopes or intentions of making and or receiving money from the
      intended parents or anyone else. I can’t fix what has happened but want to do all I can to help with what I can.
      I haven’t turned off my phones or stopped answering them or my emails. I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to
      hide. We have contacted the authorities and are more then willing to answer any and all questions asked of us.
      Any IP, SM, or ED that wants my help or has questions I am here for them.
      As for the information of Family Creation Surrogacy my company is Family Creations Surrogacy, INC. I was a contractor and an employee with SG
      and my accountant said I needed to have the corporation for tax reasons. I have never referred any clients of Family
      Creations Surrogacy, INC. to MC as all the my parents signed were under SG. As for the letter on the MC website I didn’t
      write that.
      The last thing I want to address is that we the 3 remaining people available at SG have now been let go without pay
      without warning. Any help that we have given and will continue to give if wanted is all because we care and obviously
      not for the paychecks we won’t be receiving. For all of you think this was all a big scam why would we put our families
      in this emotional and financial situation. We have also received the death threats, the emails telling us we shouldn’t
      have our kids and that we are monsters all because we worked for someone or knew someone who is accused of committing
      a crime. The 3 of us are still here to help all who want our help no matter what has happened with SG. I feel that
      the victims have paid an agency fee for a service I believe they should still receive that service. They didn’t ask for
      this to happen and I don’t think it happening gives us the right to walk away from them. I am here to help anyone who wants my help.

  • I re-enabled the site for the current situation. I suspended the site this morning. I can re-enable it if need be.

    SG stills owes money on their hosting and for computer hardware. They’ve skipped out on that as well apparently.

  • I tried to make a backup of the e-mail, unfortunately they dumped it and ran. All backups do not contain anything useable.

  • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

    Wow- This really doesn’t surprise me at all. Webmaster- are you Sam from DC? If so, please email me: misspriss027@yahoo.com

    • noyb

      Aren’t you Tonya’s sister??

      • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

        Yes I am, she is my half sister.

  • Hi Andrea, yep, I’ve been watching all of this. E-mailed you.

  • Glenn

    I’ll take all of this with a grain of salt for now if you don’t mind. Maybe FCS never endorsed Michael Charles. Maybe they did. If they sent clients there (no information myself either way), and didn’t do due diligence, even to puruse the web site and notice they were being used, then they are partly to blame.

  • U R Lame

    If you look at the names they are different. One is Family Creation Surrogacy. The other is Family Creations, LLC.

    • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

      I am convinced that URLAME is either Tonya or Ann. anyone?


        I wouldn’t doubt it. Either that or it is Deborah or Kelly. It’s funny how defensive they get when anything is mentioned about Deborah. What ever the case may be, U R Lame is LAME!

    • anon

      Actually, I did look online. The website http://www.familycreations.net belongs to the LLC Stephanie founded.

      Interstingly enough….I can’t find anything on the web for a “Family Creation Surrogacy”.

      Either way, the “testamonial” from Deborah Haworth of “Family Creation Surrogacy” appears to be fraudulent.


        Deborah Hayworth had established an LLC “Family Creation Surrogacy” for her director position with SGUSA. She did not actually run a functioning business under that name. The testimonial was most definitely only placed on the Michael Charles site in an attempt to make Michael Charles appear reputable…whether it was put on there by Deborah herself or Tonya. I can assure you that Family Creation Surrogacy was NEVER an operating agency. So yes, the testimonial is in fact bogus.

        • Deborah

          The last name is Haworth. It was an operating agecny that paid taxes. It was never an advertised company. Please don’t state things about me that you don’t know anything about.

          • IT’S ABOUT TIME

            Operating agency?!?! Who are you trying to fool? Did you have clients that were actually clients of Family Creation Surrogacy or were they clients of SurroGenesis that you were paid for by SurroGenesis under your business name, which was strictly for tax purposes?! There is a huge difference. So yes, you were paid by SurroGenesis for obtaining clients for SurroGenesis and duh, everyone has to pay taxes. Enough said!

          • U R Lame

            It’s About Time,
            I believe that is what Deborah said in her post. You are not Deborah so you shouldn’t claim to know what is going on with her business.

          • IT’S ABOUT TIME

            Hmmm, no she said Family Creation Surrogacy WAS an operating agency (in her response to me), which is inaccurate.

            Her post before that said “my accountant said I needed to have the corporation for tax reasons. I have never referred any clients of Family Creations Surrogacy, INC. to MC as all the my parents signed were under SG.

            Her two comments contradict each other. If she actually had “clients” other than SurroGenesis with whom she provided services for, it could possibly be considered an operating agency. I’m certain none of her “parents that signed” were even aware she had a business of her own. She simply used the business to collect her paycheck from SurroGenesis.

            Since Deborah is claiming to have her own “operating agency”, she may want to concern herself with the issue of the attorney’s seeking out liability on behalf of other agencies that were working with SurroGenesis and/or Michael Charles, since I have read this is an avenue that may be sought. I bet then she’ll change her tune about having her own operating agency in which parents signed under SurroGenesis and that were ALL referred to Michael Charles for their trust accounts.

  • anon

    I’ve been convinced that it is Deborah, actually…but wouldn’t be surprised to find it is Tonya or Ann.

    Andrea, is Cecille related to you and Tonya somehow??

    • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

      Cecile is my bio mother, she is not biologically related to Tonya. Why is it that you ask? just curious!

      • Deborah

        Just because someone is related doesn’t mean they were involved.

  • anon

    Just curious! I save everything (EVERYTHING!) and her name was on the original correspondence I received from SGUsa, and there seems to be a LOT of Collins and Pruetts wrapped up in the company.

    • Andrea the SGUSA (past employee-thank god!)

      Tonya Collins
      James Collins
      Sharon Collins
      Andrea Pruett
      Cecile Pruett

  • ANON

    Why did you have an operating agency and work for SGUSA as well? I find this kind of interesting. Your story is also conflicting: “to have the corporation for tax reasons. I have never referred any clients of Family
    Creations Surrogacy, INC. to MC as all the my parents signed were under SG. As for the letter on the MC website I didn’t
    write that.”

    Did you have actual clients through Family Creations Surrogacy? Why would you claim taxes on money earned through SGUSA- paid clients with Family Creations Surrogacy? Something sounds fishy?

    Either way your story doesn’t make sense.


      Thank you ANON! That’s my point exactly…her story doesn’t make sense at all. If she had her very own “operating agency”, why on earth would she work for SurroGenesis as well? Wouldn’t you think she would handle her “clients” through her “own” agency?!

      Here we go….back peddle, back peddle, back peddle.

  • Lorip

    Regardless of what Deborah says, clearly the testimonial was written to mislead us into believing Michael Charles had multiple “happy customers” when in reality, Tonya was busily writing checks to herself and our money was disappearing… it’s really really disappointing that so many people covered this up for so long, and now they are claiming innocence. Ethically speaking, they are all guilty of misleading us so my heart isn’t bleeding over their lost pay (which I’m quite sure doesn’t come anywhere near the amounts we all lost!!)

  • what goes round comes round

    All Employees of Surrogenesis are guilty of covering up for Tonya Collins, after questioning Andrea Pruett approx 6 months ago about invoices not matching our MC Statements of our Trust account ( of course invoices were less than the amounts debited from our trust account) , she never came back to explain because she knew exactly what was going on which is why Andrea explained before christmas that she had planned on starting a new career in nursing!!! Wonder how your paying for that education Andrea? Just remember what goes round comes round!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    I have to disagree with you.. Not all of SurroGenesis employees are guilty of covering up for her. Once I found out what was going on i started looking for another Job. When i left i contacted the authorities, however they could do nothing without paper proof or a victim to come forward. I also warned several surrogates, and some of the IP’s. I know of a few other people who used to work for them, and they in no way covered up for Tonya.

    Now i do believe that other employees are lying through their teeth to the Media and on this website about how they had no idea what was going on.

    As far as Andrea, she is nothing like her sister. She does not have any of the money from MC, nor did she ever have access to the accounts. There is a reason Andrea could not come right out and tell you or the other IP’s what was going on. You have NO idea how manipulative and vindictive Tonya can be if you cross her. Yes she is going to school, and she was starting school when i was working there. She has taken out student loans to go to school. Andrea is trying to better herself and further her education by going back to school, and i think that’s great! Unfortunately she has a giant black cloud casted over her by her sister.

    Yes some employees knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it, or put an end to it. But there are some employees who did something, but we were not heard. So i do not think its fair for you to say we are all guilty.

  • Very well wrote. I may use something from your article. not like many others wrote just to be.

  • scammed surrogate

    after reading ur long comment, i found it very amusing. for one i never experienced u ever being there for me when i was a surrogate mother for your scam, u lied about andrea being let go, u didnt do ur job as far as getting me my comp on time EVER, or even paying my insurance premiums on time. when i emailed you asking what was going on u avoided the question and acted as if u knew nothing. so as far as you “doing your job” is ajoke. everyone else has come forward telling how they knew what was going on except you??? ur the only person who wasnt aware of the scam that u were apart of?? the 1 year anniversary bernie maddof of surrogacy scam is approaching and although none of u have been prosocuted, those days of living free are clearly numbered. you disgust me.

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  • Anti-Californian cold hearted thieves

    All MC & Surrogenesis staff are responsible for the theft of hundreds of couples life savings and they should be made an example of to all of America!!!
    Photos of all staff should be made public & ridiculed for the pathetic, lying & conniving excuse for human beings they really are….lets see how they like the rug pulled from beneath them!!! Tonya & Andrea (who clearly knew everything & didnt care about anyone only looking after her own affairs in her life at the expense of innocent people) You were crap at your job at least know that much.

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