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About That FBI “Investigation”

I know that many of you are frustrated, even angry, upon reading the Los Angeles Times and New York Times articles and learning that the FBI has not begun a formal “investigation”, but rather is only “evaluating” the case. This is probably nothing more than a semantical distinction and should not be interpreted to mean that that a probe is not well underway.

I know for a fact that several of my clients have been interviewed by the FBI. Former employees of SurroGenesis have met with the U.S. Postal Inspector. I have also been informed that the U.S. Postal Inspector has seized possible evidence. Law enforcement agencies are generally tight-lipped when it comes to ongoing investigations, particularly where no charges have yet been filed. Among the reasons for this is fear that any pre-trial statements made by the FBI could undermine the prosecution of the case.

So I would ask the victims of this heinous fraud to remain patient. Like you, I share your frustration that those responsible for this Ponzi-like scheme remain free to enjoy their lives while yours have been turned upside down. While I am disappointed that more has not already been done to arrest those culpable and freeze whatever remaining assets there may be, it will not be long before those responsible will be frogmarched into jail.


4 comments for “About That FBI “Investigation””

  • broke

    in my mind, our alleged embezzler could not be arrested soon enought along with all of her and her family’s assets frozen as well as all the other people that are implicated…..

  • heart-broke/n

    Tonya needs to be more than frog marched into court. I intend to be at every hearing, and con not wait for the sentencing!

  • anon


    I know there are civil cases going on, but what about the Attorney General’s office? Frankly, I want to see more than financial restitution…I want Tonya Collins in jail.


    • This is a source of ongoing frustration for me and the victims. I truly do not understand the lack of urgency in the investigation by the FBI. While I am generally loathe to recommend to my clients that they seek out media attention, these two scandals cry out for investigatory journalism. My hope is that the media attention will shame law enforcement into doing something other then regurgitating their ubiquitous talking points.

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