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Assisted Reproduction

Pre-Litigation Meeting Update

I understand there is overwhelming interest in attending, either in person or telephonically, Wednesday’s pre-litigation meeting with the attorneys who have offered to prosecute the civil case against SGUSA, Michael Charles Financial, et al. I have attempted to respond to all the inquiries I have received. If you are interested in participating in this meeting and have not heard back from me already, please email me at AVorzimer@vmfirm.com. In order to ensure that only bona fide victims are in attendance, we will email you details about the meeting upon confirming your status as a victim. Later today I will also distribute, via a confidential email, additional details about the agenda for the meeting.

If you have been corresponding with Virginia about Wednesday’s meeting, there is no need to contact me as she has been compiling a list of those who will be participating. By the way, I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Virginia for everything she is doing on behalf of her fellow victims. She has been tireless in her efforts to mobilize those that have been impacted by this scandal, coordinate the logistical details of the pre-litigation meeting and serving as the public face of this scandal so that word could get out and pressure be brought upon law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. It is difficult enough to pursue creating a family through assisted reproduction under the best of circumstances, let alone as a victim of an unconscionable scandal. Nevertheless, Virginia has been willing to go public with such a private, personal matter. It speaks volumes about Virginia and I did not want her contributions to go unnoticed.


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