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Surrogate Facing Eviction Needs Our Help

While I blogged about this on Friday, we have not been as successful as we hoped in getting the word out.

The victims from the Michael Charles Financial scandal are not just limited to the Intended Parents who had more than $2,000,000 of their trust funds stolen. It also includes surrogate moms such as Natash. Natash, a mother of 3 and Operating Room Surgical Tech, is serving as a surrogate for a SurroGenesis couple. She is 33 weeks pregnant with twins and suffering from Preeclampsia. As a result of the Preeclampsia, she has been confined to bedrest by her physician. The couple she is carrying the twins for lost more than $50,000.00 in the embezzlement scandal.

But Natash’s story doesn’t just end there. Her husband was laid off in January. Her employer has denied her request for disability because she is serving as a surrogate and has claimed that her Intended Parents are financially responsible. Yesterday she received an eviction notice because she cannot pay her rent.

According to Natash, she will not be able to return to work until May — assuming there are no other pregnancy complications. She owes $1175 in rent for March. Her rent for April and May is $909 per month.

I would like to try to raise the $2,993 necessary to keep Natash and her family in their apartment. If you are willing to help, please email me at avorzimer@vmfirm.com . Any donations will be deposited in my firm’s Attorney-Client Trust Account and we will pay the rent directly to Natash’s landlord. I will personally donate the first $500.00 towards Natash’s rent.

If you are in a position to help, please contact me at avorzimer@vmfirm.com. The Benefit Auction that Liz Silverman-Platt is organizing will likely not be online until later this week at the earliest. Unfortunately for Natash, she is facing eviction now.


5 comments for “Surrogate Facing Eviction Needs Our Help”

  • I noticed in the L.A. Times article that her IPs came through and paid her directly for her monthly installment. Its great that they are stepping in and helping her.

    • Natash

      hey darlene….yea i was blessed w awesome IPs…and they did sacrifice and helped us out…thank you for your comment and taking an intrest

  • Past Surrogate

    It is unlawful for them to deny her disability, it is not up to the company but the State, and if her Dr says she off on disibility then shes off and she just has to apply. Disibilty doesnt pay it all but still… I feel for Natash, having been on bedrest with two of my surrogacies, but there are things that dont mesh, like you also dont get evicted after 1 month, or not even a month if she only owes March’s rent.

    • Natash

      sorry u feel like the story does not mesh…but Andy was faxed all the eviction letters that was received…..but thanks for all comments given

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