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Assisted Reproduction

No Fetal Foreclosures Here

William Saletan, national correspondent for Slate, has just penned a provocative online article that can be found here. As a result of his article, my inbox has been flooded by concerned people around the country offering money and other assistance in order prevent surrogates from proceeding with abortions.

I have emailed Mr. Saletan and advised him that there are no Gestational Carriers, to my knowledge, who are contemplating an abortion. While his article raises some very interesting issues, his concern is theoretical and not based on any factual circumstance. To the contrary, these remarkable women remain committed to their Intended Parents with full knowledge that all the funds earmarked to reimburse them for their expenses, lost wages and medical costs have been stolen. While the tragedy of the SurroGenesis scandal continues to unfold, the character and integrity of the women serving as surrogates for the victim of this fraud remains unblemished. At the end of the day, these exceptional women who serve as surrogates are not doing so for any monetary reward. Rather, they are doing it to help another couple realize their dream of starting a family.


3 comments for “No Fetal Foreclosures Here”

  • Deborah

    I am sorry to say there is a surrogate who is looking into abortion. I have left messages with the attorneys to see if I could get some donations from the churches if they would be willing to continue. I have not heard anything back

    • Deborah,

      I have spoken to the surrogate’s attorney and have been assured that no abortion will be taking place. The Intended Parents and Surrogate have been able to work through the issues that arose upon the collapse of SurroGenesis and Michael Charles Financial.

  • Deborah

    Thank you for the update. That is wonderful news the thought of an abortion made me sick.

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