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On Crocktuplets, Lady Parts & Fetal Foreclosures

Yesterday I blogged about an article written by William Saletan, national correspondent for Slate, entitled Fetal Foreclosures. That article generated a lot of heat, both on the Comment section of Slate and my email inbox. From outraged readers to concerned people offering money and services, the story was extremely provocative. And important.

Since the article was posted, Mr. Saletan and I have engaged in a very cordial email exchange. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he and I share very similar values and beliefs on the issues of third party reproduction. Since our exchange, Will has penned a new article entitled Lady Parts which I highly recommend you read. In this article as well as one entitled Crocktuplets, Will raises some very important issues that should be the subject of a national debate. Too often we react viscerally to these issues and we end up with legislation that does more harm than the underlying offense.

I have spent the last fifteen years trying to serve as an advocate for the infertility community. Almost all of my time has been spent advocating on behalf of those who have no choice but to turn to assisted reproductive technologies to have a baby. Scandals like SurroGenesis and the fiasco caused by Michael Kamrava and his OctoMom creation do more than just give the infertility community a black eye. No the harm is much more pernicious as it leads to the erosion of our procreative freedoms.

Unfortunately I do not have more time to blog on this issue today. However, I do encourage everyone to read Mr. Saletan’s articles and think about the important issues he has raised.


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