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Los Angeles Times 3 – FBI 0

If this was a baseball game, the box score would show a shutout. In the last week, the Los Angeles Times has run 3 investigative reports (including today’s story) into the criminal scandals perpetrated by SurroGenesis and B Coming on vulnerable infertility patients. For good measure, the New York Times also ran an exposé last week. Yet three weeks have passed and the FBI, the police and the District Attorneys in Modesto, Los Angeles and Grapevine Texas have nothing to show for themselves.

How is it possible that a single reporter, Kimi Yoshino, could find the time to investigate a national infertility scandal and publish three articles in eight days, yet law enforcement cannot find the time to even execute a search warrant? Seriously, Ms. Yoshino could expose the criminal enterprise without any of the tools available to law enforcement, yet the FBI cannot be found and Tonya Collins continues to enjoy her life in Texas while more than a 100 victims have had their lives shattered.

Is it that “only” $3,500,000 may have been stolen and thus this matter is not a priority with law enforcement? After all, there are glaucoma victims throughout the state who are using medicinal marijuana which clearly merits more attention from law enforcement than infertility patients who may have lost their last, best chance to have a baby. A week after the SurroGenesis scandal broke, an arrest warrant was issued out of Beverly Hills for the apprehension of Lindsay Lohan! Clearly, if these priorities are indicative, Lindsay Lohan is a greater risk to society then Tonya Collins and Rosa Balcazar.

Apparently law enforcement is viewing this as a white collar crime which reflects their utter ignorance into the real underlying offense. What makes this case so tragic is that the consequences of the original theft continues unabated today and will for months if not years to come. Yes, patients had their trust funds stolen. However, the FBI needs to understand that those funds were earmarked for future expenses which are now coming due and there is no one there to step into the breech. So what if pregnant surrogates end up losing their insurance and face mounting medical bills they cannot pay? I guess the FBI just figures the surrogates can file bankruptcy and have those bills discharged. Big deal if Intended Parents are sued by medical facilities, independent laboratories or travel agencies if they cannot cover the expenses for their surrogate cycle. And who really cares if a surrogate gets evicted because she is in a high-risk pregnancy, confined to bed and her lost wages were stolen? That’s what homeless shelters are for, right?

Perhaps we’ve approached this all wrong. Maybe someone should point out to any remaining members of the Bush Justice Department that there are hundreds of embryos (or nascent human life as they liked to refer to them) that are in limbo. That without intervention, these “lives” (at least as defined by the Georgia Senate) will be snuffed out. Heck, if any Surrogate actually proceeded with the hypothetical abortion posed by Slate’s William Saeltan, would that make Tonya Collins an accomplice to Murder? Is that enough to get law enforcement to take these investigations seriously?


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  • IP2

    I tried contacting the Californian authorities who are meant to regulate escrow companies. Not happy that they let an company without the right paperwork and a pathetically samll bond operate on their turf for 2 years with impunity. My reward was of course total indiferrence once they found out we are not Californian residents. No vote so no point helping us?

    We do seem to be facing a wall of indifference from the authorities.

    • Jessica

      Yes, IP2, I agree…please post the phone number on this site, if possible. We are from California, and perhaps those of us from California can start calling this agency to try and move things along in anyway we can.

  • Rhonda

    IP2, can you post the agency name (and phone number!) that you dealt with? I’ve been sending emails to various agencies, but I’d prefer to make a phone call. As a California resident, maybe I (and other victims on this site) could help by making several phone calls?

  • IP2

    The only e-mail address I could find on the CA government web sites was for the secretary of state. Sent an e-mail and got back
    “While the Secretary of State files and maintains certain business entity
    documents, the licensing of escrow agents is a function overseen by the
    Department of Corporations. You can find more information at

    We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have questions
    directly related to the Secretary of State’s office, please contact our
    Legislative and Constituent Affairs at (916) 653-6774.”

    I looked at the web site reffered to and called up the numbers and got nowhere. Must admit me having a foreign accent, and having to make the calls from the other side of the pacific in the narrow time interval when the CA government offices are open and I am not asleep or at work made it a little difficult. My anger at being ripped off so bad contrasted somewhat with the beaurocratic indifference of those that are meant to regulate these affairs.

    Maybe they force you to use phones rather than e-mail so there is no record of their uselessness? It seems there is no interest in doing anything simple like comparing a listing of escrow companies from the yellow pages against their list of liscensed companies and closing down the unliscensed ones. Isn’t that what regulators are meant to do, like sort of regulate and police? Michale Charles operated for 2 years without anyone noticing them so my guess is there are an awful lot of others doing the same scam now.

    It is an easy thing to do, no legislation needed, all they need to do is enforce existing rules. Easy quick fix that could save lots of other people being ripped off. How many other fake escrow companies are working in CA at the moment with no chnace of the authorities catching them?

    You got to understand why I got so angry. We live in an asian country were the legal system is a little shakey and the legal framework for surrogacy is questionable. So what did we do, well based on my previous experience of working with folks from the good old USA, believe it or not we trust and actually like you guys! So we decided to go to the USA for treatment. Costs more than at home but the legal framework and quality of treatment is better and we thought our chances of being ripped off would be much less. This was initially true, for example in USA all our medical practioners (doctors, nurses etc) and attorneys have been universally excellent. To say we were bitterly dissilusioned when this MC farago erupted is an understatment. But what really annoyed is the indifference of the authorities to the problem. At least in asia you can bribe lazy government people into action, utterly lost as to what to do in USA.

  • marna sannes


    Sorry to hear you have Cervical Cancer since you gave birth to the twins and HPV. You must have gotten your HPV from somewhere else, FDA testing for the IP’s were normal and of course you signed all consent forms at the clinic on what risks you would be taking.

    You have been paid in full, Monica over paid you by $2000.00 in cash and blames you for releasing her fertility issues public to the LA Times and now “Your paying the price for your actions”.

    Infertility is a risk and there is no guarantee and I Thank God for punishing those who betrade my trust and twisted their stories for a spot light that “came and went”.

    The agency continues to be in business and will do for many years.

    Hopefully you will recover and like always wishing you the best that life can offer.

    Take Care, Rosa.

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