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Insurance Alternative Available To SGUSA Victims

For those of you who were working with SurroGenesis and your Surrogates were insured under the SGUSA group health plan, you have probably been notified that the policy of insurance was either canceled or its cancellation is imminent. For many of you, that means facing the prospect of a pregnancy with no medical coverage available. While California law makes it illegal for an insurance company to exclude pregnancy as a preexisting condition, nothing stops the carrier from denying maternity benefits to women serving as surrogates. Unfortunately, most insurance companies today do exclude surrogate pregnancies from their polices which place many of the victims of the SGUSA scandal in an even more precarious position than they were already in.

However, I have some good news to pass along. On Saturday night at the American Fertility Association’s Illuminations event, I met with Trish Taylor. Trish is the founder and President of New Life Agency and shares my deep concern for the victims of SurroGenesis. Trish’s company specializes exclusively in providing insurance coverage for those proceeding with assisted reproduction as a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder and Underwriter. I have worked with Trish’s company for years and my clients have had nothing but good experiences with her team of professionals. Following our conversation on Saturday night, Trish and Gary from New Life began working on a package of insurance that will be offered to any former SurroGenesis Surrogate, regardless of where she is in her pregnancy. I have pasted Trish’s email to me below. If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your insurance coverage because of the SGUSA debacle, I strongly encourage you to contact New Life Agency to see what options you have.

Hi Andy,

So nice to see you at Illuminations!

I was so upset to hear your news about the surrogates and IP’s who are now vulnerable to insurance claims and the loss of insurance protection. This is an even greater potential financial loss than the loss they have already experienced. I am determined that they have something rather than nothing in place to help them through their pregnancy. We will accept their application for underwriting review whether they are in the middle to last months of pregnancy or just beginning. We will send a release out to try and inform the wire but not sure how many people this would actually touch and inform.

If you have any ideas please let me know.

Otherwise, Jesse and Jennifer have both been informed and will receive their call. They must say they were a former Surrogenisis client and they will be offered our family of insurance products including our new maternity Surrogate Maternity Care Card (SMCC) that will be announced to the market this month.

The surrogate may apply on the link within our website at http://surrogateapp.newlifeagency.com/

The IP(s) may apply on the link within our website at http://www.newlifeagencyapplication.com/ip/

Kind regards,



Trish J. Taylor Phone (877) 952-5433
President, Founder Fax (877) 952-5589
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