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The Depravity of B Coming & Rosa Balcazar

The more I learn of Rosa Balcazar and B Coming, the more convinced I am that there is no depth she will not sink to in order to satisfy her pathological greed. A few days ago I promoted to the front page a comment from a Sergeant in the United States Army, whose wife was a Surrogate for B Coming. In addition to not receiving $13,000.00 in compensation, this couple is now facing medical bills of up to $23,000.00 as a result of her bout with gestational diabetes.

But the case is even much worse than it appears at first blush. The Surrogate and her husband were never provided with an attorney. As a result, they were never made aware of their legal rights, including being notified that non-altruistic surrogacy was not permitted in Louisiana where they reside. Making matters worse was the couple that they carried the child for resides in Spain — the primary source of B Coming’s Intended Parents. Because Louisiana has some of the worst possible laws in the country, the Intended Parents have not been able to finalize their parental rights. Shortly after the birth of the baby, a Louisiana court issued a provisional order granting temporary custody to the Spanish couple. However, that provisional order is only good for 12 months at which point in time legal custody reverts back to the Surrogate and her husband. Needless to say, the Surrogate and her husband want the Intended Parents to keep their baby, yet may find themselves in the precarious situation of being the child’s legal parents.

This is yet another example of the destruction wrought by Rosa Balcazar and B Coming. She collected funds in advance from her Spanish couple (more than $90,000.00) and then refused to pay the Surrogate and her husband the monies due to them. Even though she also collected the funds necessary to cover the Surrogate’s medical expenses, she has refused to pay the bills which have now been sent to collection, jeopardizing not only the Surrogate’s credit, but the Sergeant’s security clearance and career. Under her contract with her Intended Parents, Balcazar agreed to retain counsel for them to finalize their parental rights. Not surprisingly, she refused to pay the attorney even though she was holding sufficient funds to do so.

The irregularities do not end there however. The Surrogate was never paid out of a trust account. Instead, Balcazar would bring cash to a Bank of America branch and have it deposited directly into the Surrogate’s bank account, thus eliminating any paper trail. The one occasion that Balcazar forwarded a check to the Surrogate (for her monthly fee), it was drawn on her own personal checking account and the check bounced.

Rosa Balcazar needs to be held accountable for the lives she has ruined. When the good Sergeant and his wife tried to reach Balcazar, she was often traveling the world in locales such as France, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Spain and Las Vegas. As of last week, Balcazar was back in Spain, trying to convince unsuspecting Intended Parents to entrust their dreams of having a family with her. Until law enforcement steps in and puts Balcazar out of business, I can only hope that the media attention which is finally being paid towards organizations such as B Coming and SurroGenesis is enough to alert potential victims of the dangers of working with such unscrupulous agencies. I would also hope that physicians, mental health professionals and attorneys take note and refuse to work with anyone associated with B Coming. At the moment, the only real safeguard these Intended Parents and Surrogates have is a watchful and conscientious industry that will self-regulate itself.


One comment for “The Depravity of B Coming & Rosa Balcazar”

  • marna sannes


    Sorry to hear you have Cervical Cancer since you gave birth to the twins and HPV. You must have gotten your HPV from somewhere else, FDA testing for the IP’s were normal and of course you signed all consent forms at the clinic on what risks you would be taking.

    You have been paid in full, Monica over paid you by $2000.00 in cash and blames you for releasing her fertility issues public to the LA Times and now “Your paying the price for your actions”.

    Infertility is a risk and there is no guarantee and I Thank God for punishing those who betrade my trust and twisted their stories for a spot light that “came and went”.

    The agency continues to be in business and will do for many years.

    Hopefully you will recover and like always wishing you the best that life can offer.

    Take Care, Rosa.

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