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Michael Charles Holdings & Jack Kiserow Served With Class Action Lawsuit

I’ve just learned that service of process was effectuated today upon Jack Kiserow and Michael Charles Holdings. Service of the Summons & Complaint upon Tonya Collins and SurroGenesis is pending and hopefully will be effected in the next couple of days.

Service of the Complaint is notable as it is the triggering event that allows the Plaintiffs’ attorneys, Ted Penny and Wayne Beaudoin, the right to being propounding discovery. Under California law, discovery can commence 10 days after service occurs. I suspect that next week Plaintiffs’ counsel will be serving subpoenas on the financial institutions used by SurroGenesis, Michael Charles and Tonya Collins. When those banking records are produced, we should be able to being tracing where the embezzled funds went.

I am also advised that the filing of a second lawsuit, against other culpable defendants for different claims, is imminent. I will have more details on this Complaint as they become available.


2 comments for “Michael Charles Holdings & Jack Kiserow Served With Class Action Lawsuit”

  • I am a Michael Charles victim. How can I join the class action lawsuit? Who can I contact? Surrogenesis told me to deposit my funds with this holding company. When I asked to withdraw my funds, I was told there was a “scandal” and the Surrogenesis phone number was also disconnected. Help!!!

    • You do not need to technically join the class action lawsuit as, by definition, you are already a member of the class. However, you should contact the prosecuting attorneys to discuss what other rights and remedies you might also have. You can reach Ted Penny or Wayne Beaudoin at 818.205.2808.

      Best of luck to you.

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