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ABC News Reports On SurroGenesis Scam

Tonya Collins' Vacant Modesto Home

Tonya Collins' Vacant Modesto Home

ABC news out of Fresno had a lengthy segment on the SurroGenesis scandal last night.  You can watch the report here. Among the highlights:

One of the office locations for the company, at a Modesto retail complex, is now vacant. And no one answered at Collins’ home in this quiet Modesto neighborhood … inside … moving boxes are stacked up in the kitchen.

Neighbors were stunned to see Collins, her husband and their five children … move out so suddenly, especially since it seemed they had a thriving business.

Neighbors say at one point, Collins moved her surrogacy business into her own home … converting a garage into an office … all that’s left of that office is an empty space, and this window, blocked by a moving box. They also say Tonya Collins may have started her business based on her own experience as a surrogate. They say when Collins and her family moved into this house, she was pregnant with another couple’s child.

This last paragraph is instructive. Yesterday I blogged about agencies that conceal their addresses and encouraged prospective clients to personally visit any surrogacy agency they are considering. As I wrote yesterday, if an agency will not provide you with its physical address so that you can inspect its principal place of business and meet their staff, then it is an agency you need to avoid.


13 comments for “ABC News Reports On SurroGenesis Scam”

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  • Susan and Shirley Jansen

    Just want to make uninsurred surrogates aways of the AIM Program (Access for Infants and Mothers) It covers women, including surrogates, who reside in California and are less than 30 weeks pregnant for health issues even those unrelated to the pregnancy. it costs just $50 to enroll and up to $400 for coverage by Kaiser, HealthNet or Anthem Blue Cross PPO depending on the zip code in which the women resides. Family monthly income for faamily of 3 including the unborn baby must be between $3900 and $4400. Thoise interesting can find all the information by gooling AIM. Hope this helps some of you.

    • you are totally right

  • hello

    this is lame. tonya collins should be arrested!

  • tonya should have already been arested

  • Susan and Shirley Jansen

    Do you know if all the surrogates are being cared for and compensated?

  • nmcduffy

    well i was one of those who got screwd by Tonya Collins. I was pregnant with twins and put on bedrest from 02/2009 until I delivered in 04/2009. Then I had to have a c-section and was not released to go back to work unitl 06/2009. Even though my intended parents tried thier best to compaste me but it was not enough. I was not receiving any money from my place of employment and my family is sufering very badly. Every bill is behind and it doesnt seem like help is coming from anywhere. I went back to work 06/03/2009 and working as hard as possible but I am to the point where my refrigarator is empty and tring to make ends meet. So what are the surrogants suppose to do??? After blessing a family with two lives, who do me and my 3 children turn to for help????

    • Dina

      OMG I knew her years back when she carried her surro daughter for some Millionaire single man from another country who also gave her all the money to get the company started. He lavished her with her escilade and much much more. I am shocked and saddened to read all of this. I am so so sorry for all that you have been threw. If I can help in any way please let me know. I am a 3x surrogate to 5 babies. I had twins 2x for 2 couples. Please email me. xoxo

      • scammed surrogate

        dina who are u talking about tonya collins or holly kahle?

  • scammed surrogate


    im so sorry for what u had to go thru and what u r stil continuing to go thru. my heart goes out to your family I had just delievered when everything had happened. so i have been suffering as well as im sure all the other surro’s have been. im so enraged as u r and am still waiting to get some answers and see tonya pay for what she has done! my heart goes out to you and your family!

  • Susan and Shirley Jansen

    Our little boy will be delivered by c-section tomorrow at 7 a.m. if our wonderul surrogate does not go inot labor before. He was 40 weeks yesterday and is about 8 pounds. Our surrogate, who had a prior c-section, won’t be eligible for the VBAC she wanted. We have struggled to keep our payments to her current and were lucky to be able to get insurance but the money we lost to Surrogenesis would be a generosu college fund for the baby. Is there any news on the FBI investigation and is there even a remote hope of getting some of our money back??

  • Heather

    Congratulations on the baby boy! Sorry he had to be brought into the world under such stressful circumstances. I know that you will make amazing parents to a happy beautiful baby boy!

  • Susan and Shirley Jansen

    does anyone have any info on the FBI investigation? We called and were told someone from the agency would contact us. So far there has been nothing. Isn’t it about time we called our congressional representative and asked what our tax dollars are doing to enforce the law????

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