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Assisted Reproduction

Possible Insurance Available For Uninsured Surrogates

I wanted to promote this from the Comments section as it may be a needed resource for some of the former SGUSA surrogates who now find themselves without health insurance:

Just want to make uninsurred surrogates aways of the AIM Program (Access for Infants and Mothers) It covers women, including surrogates, who reside in California and are less than 30 weeks pregnant for health issues even those unrelated to the pregnancy. it costs just $50 to enroll and up to $400 for coverage by Kaiser, HealthNet or Anthem Blue Cross PPO depending on the zip code in which the women resides. Family monthly income for faamily of 3 including the unborn baby must be between $3900 and $4400. Thoise interesting can find all the information by gooling AIM. Hope this helps some of you.


One comment for “Possible Insurance Available For Uninsured Surrogates”

  • Claire

    Surrogacy should be a matter for the individuals involved in the decision. I certainly don’t see how it is legitimate for some authority to prohibit it, as long as all of the individuals involved have freely consented and have made informed, educated decisions and are aware of the consequences. Assisted reproductive technologies just expand people’s reproductive choices and expansion of options is always a good thing. I think it’s silly and unfair it is for society to privilege biological blood relations over other relations, and personally, I think there are too many goddamn people on this planet already, and there are many children already alive who need loving families but don’t have them. My friend with her husband did IVF in Biotex clinic. They were fully satisfied with their service for such not a big sum. She is great mom, and I’m truly happy for her. However, these are just my personal views. What is most important is maximizing freedom.

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