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Fox News Aghast That Gays & Lesbians Can Have Children

Never mind that this book has been out for almost two decades, but Fox News is in a tizzy over an Australian book that, gasp, mentions that two gay men can have a child through surrogacy. Fox is also horrified that the book is targeted at two year olds! Now I think I have pretty smart kids but I do not think even they could have managed to find their way to a bookstore at the age of two, purchase this book and actually be able to read it! My guess is that if my kids were actually capable of doing all this at two years of age, they probably would choose to purchase Atlas Shrugged or Ulysses…or maybe Barney. If you get past the Faux outrage and misleading nature of the story, it seems that Fox is really objecting to the audacity of the author to write the book to begin with or the lack of judgment displayed by any parent that would actually read it to their child.

And what is the deal with the scare quotes around gay?


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