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Balcazar & B-Coming Out Of Business?

Rumor has it that Rosa Balcazar and her agency, B-Coming, may have slinked out of town. Her Beverly Hills penthouse apartment is vacant. The agency no longer lists any physical address on their website and callers are greeted with nothing more than a voicemail. Clients who have attempted to reach Balcazar have been told that she is “out of the country”.

Unfortunately, the number of victims from the activities of Balcazar and B-Coming continues to grow. Within the past week alone, our firm was contacted by a two-time former egg donor who was not paid for her retrieval and a pregnant surrogate mom who is unable to contact anyone at the agency.

If you have heard anything, please send us an email.

Update 11:15 a.m.: A professional in the industry just sent me this link: http://www.expoanuncios.com/clasificado/56353. Translated, it means “BComing, specialiste in fertility treatment and problems of infertility; IVF; egg and surrogate mothers
location: in Cordoba (Spain)”

This advertisement was published on July 30, 2009. So either it is an old ad or Balcazar continues to operate B-Coming, possibly out of an office in Cordoba, Spain where, ironically enough, compensated surrogacy is outlawed.


4 comments for “Balcazar & B-Coming Out Of Business?”

  • Xena

    B Coming is still doing business, the agency opened their first agency in Spain this past June and retained a famous legal law firm in Madrid before opening business doors. Ms. Balcazar has a home in Barcelona and rumors has it “she lives in another Pent House in Beverly Hills”. Ms. Balcazar also did a special interview in August for the media, which she stated “the agency stands by the clinics/physicians who provided services”, and will only refund remaining funds”. In May on live TV, patient called to defend the agency, even the attorney who stayed in the US for over 9 months after the twins were born with health issues.

    Please excuse my english, its not very good. Ms. Balcazar spends 6 months out the year in Spain and 6 months in the US. Advertising companys are using B Coming website again and promoting the agency since end of May when patients called the TV station supporting the agency.

    I’m not a support of ART, but this is a big topic in all of Europe. What is going on with the Surrogensis Agency, their are couple here in Spain who are very angry and how did the Law Firms that represent them over look this the escrow company.

  • marna sannes


    Sorry to hear you have Cervical Cancer since you gave birth to the twins and HPV. You must have gotten your HPV from somewhere else, FDA testing for the IP’s were normal and of course you signed all consent forms at the clinic on what risks you would be taking.

    You have been paid in full, Monica over paid you by $2000.00 in cash and blames you for releasing her fertility issues public to the LA Times and now “Your paying the price for your actions”.

    Infertility is a risk and there is no guarantee and I Thank God for punishing those who betrade my trust and twisted their stories for a spot light that “came and went”.

    The agency continues to be in business and will do for many years.

    Hopefully you will recover and like always wishing you the best that life can offer.

    Take Care, Rosa.

  • Anonymous

    Whose to say she’s still not living in the Southern California region?

  • MF

    We met Rosa Balcazar in August 2013 and we were scamed since 2011, we made the monthly payments and had no luck with the surrogates, I don’t know if there was any at all…we lost almost 30k and they still have our money. We were naive to trust this clinic and she should be arrested.

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