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Pregnant Man To Try IVF Again

Having lost a twin pregnancy for reasons unrelated to his gender reassignment surgery, Mr. Jimenez is going to try again in Barcelona:

Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez, 26, sparked a debate in Spain about the ethical use of reproductive technology, when he revealed earlier this year that he was carrying twins following IVF treatment.

The babies were due to be born this month but Mr Coronado, from Jaen in Andalucia, suffered a miscarriage in May during the 18th week of pregnancy.

Mr Coronado was born female but at the age of 18 decided to have gender reassignment and surgery to remove his breasts. His female reproductive system remained intact and he interrupted hormone treatments and postponed plans to have a full sex-change operation in order to get pregnant because his 43-year-old girlfriend, Esperanza Ruiz, could no longer have children.

Now the pair have said they are trying for a new baby with the help of the same fertility clinic in Barcelona that treated them first time round. “We were devastated at losing our twins,” said Mr Coronado. “Esperanza was desperate to be a mum and I was looking forward to being a dad. “It took us many weeks to get over our loss, but we’re determined to try again for a new baby.”

The couple are following in the footsteps of Thomas Beatie, a transsexual man in Oregon, USA, who made headlines across the world when he was pictured pregnant with his first child, Susan, who was born in July 2008.


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  • It’s really funny news.
    I’ve never heard of that hoho ^-^

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