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Assisted Reproduction

Motherhood Divided: What Should Happen When a Clinic Gives a Woman the Wrong Embryo?

Professor Lori Andrews opines here. Most notably:

The Savages say that their doctor told them that if they didn’t abort, the law would require her to give the child over to the other couple. But, frankly, the law is not that clear. In many jurisdictions, the child born to a woman is the legal child of that woman and her husband, no matter who the genetic father is. There is even a Supreme Court case that holds that a married woman’s lover cannot sue for visitation rights to his child; the child belongs instead to the married couple. (Michael H. v. Gerald D, 491 U.S. 110 (1989)).


2 comments for “Motherhood Divided: What Should Happen When a Clinic Gives a Woman the Wrong Embryo?”

  • Luisa

    I have a question of how to proceed. First, I would like to let everyone know how thrilled we are with our twin girls! However, lately I have been having more and more doubts about IVF. We selected an unknown eggs donor with a similar cultural and entice background to myself and and used my husbands sperm for IVF. The girls could not be any more different from each other! Should we have this checked? Although we would never change or want any other kids, we still wonder if we should question the clinic, or for health reasons just find out if they are true siblings.

    • Surely you do an m-DNA test?

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