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Getting An Abortion In Oklahoma? Be Prepared To Have It Posted Online

This is outrageous:

On Nov. 1, a law in Oklahoma will go into effect that will collect personal details about every single abortion performed in the state and post them on a public website. Implementing the measure will “cost $281,285 the first year and $256,285 each subsequent year.” Here are the first eight questions that women will have to reveal:

1. Date of abortion
2. County in which abortion performed
3. Age of mother
4. Marital status of mother
(married, divorced, separated, widowed, or never married)
5. Race of mother
6. Years of education of mother
(specify highest year completed)
7. State or foreign country of residence of mother
8. Total number of previous pregnancies of the mother
Live Births
Induced Abortions

Although the questionnaire does not ask for name, address, or “any information specifically identifying the patient,” as Feminists for Choice points out, these eight questions could easily be used to identify a woman in a small community. “They’re really just trying to frighten women out of having abortions,” Keri Parks, director of external affairs at Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, said. The Center for Reproductive Rights is challenging the law, arguing that “it violates the Oklahoma Constitution because it ‘covers more than one subject’ — a challenge that previously worked to strike down an abortion ultrasound law.”

Curious that they do not ask for nor will publish any information on the biological father. I have a better idea for Oklahoma: lets post similar information about any man that is medically treated for an STD. Anyone want to lay odds that the neanderthal, misogynistic Oklahoma legislature wouldn’t stand for such an invasion of a man’s right to privacy?


2 comments for “Getting An Abortion In Oklahoma? Be Prepared To Have It Posted Online”

  • Anita Meyer

    I was appalled when I heard about it yesterday! What is with these people? Abortion is legal – even in OK. How about Coburn sharing some of his extra-marital relations with the public and putting them on-line? Especially the ones he had at the “C” St house in D.C. Is this America? These people are crazies! We are in 2 wars – started by Bush Administration, on the verge of a depression, started by the Bush Admin., millions of Americans do not have health insurance and the Republicans fighting it, not started by the Bush Admin. as the Republicans have never initiated a health care plan, and these OK crazies are worried about abortions? Makes me sick!

    • Fortunately I do not believe this statute will withstand a constitutional challenge which is inevitable. But it certainly is a sad statement of where we still are as a society.

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