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Assisted Reproduction

“Twins Are Not A Good Outcome”

At least not when doing IVF according to Dr. William E. Gibbons, the incoming President of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Now as the father of twin boys, I could not disagree more. However, as a reproductive attorney who has to regularly deal with the complications arising from multiple pregnancies, the advice is well worth heeding.

One of the most surprising statistics in this New York Times article is that only 4.5% of women under the age of 35 proceed with a single embryo transfer. It is no surprise then that the ASRM will be announcing new guidelines next week at their Annual Meeting in Atlanta to promote elective single embryo transfers. In a perverse way, Micheal Kamrava and the OctoMom might have done the entire industry a favor by unwittingly highlighting the perils of a multiple pregnancy.


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