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Six Months Later, Tonya Collins Has Yet To Be Charged With A Crime

The facts are now indisputable: according to discovery obtained in the class action lawsuit, Tonya Collins embezzled millions of dollars of client trust funds resulting in untold damages that continue unabated to this day. Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors will be dealing with these losses for years to come. In some instances, dreams of having a family have been forever dashed.

Yet six months after news of the SurroGenesis scandal broke, not a single person has been charged with a crime. The civil lawsuit has uncovered unequivocal documentary evidence of criminal behavior. Yet neither the FBI nor any local law enforcement agency has charged Tonya Collins or her co-conspirators with any crime. The likelihood that the victims of this criminal enterprise will see the recovery of any of their stolen funds grows dimmer each day. The only real hope for justice is that Collins and anyone that was complicit with her, pay a price for their crimes. What will it take for the FBI to stop raiding medical marijuana dispensaries and finally put Tonya Collins behind bars?


9 comments for “Six Months Later, Tonya Collins Has Yet To Be Charged With A Crime”

  • Beth Mardones

    I am at a loss as to where to turn to get justice in this unbelievable, appalling crime. My husband and I have gone public on any news channel that has been willing to tell our story, all in hopes that this would help in the arrest in Tonya and those others for all the wrong doing they have done to so many innocent people. As well as stop other agencies from being able to rob innocent people blind. I have sent and will continue to send e-mail letters each week to the White House. I’m sure that my letter in among the thousands they receive, but I can only hope that one of them will be read and action will be taken.

    • Beth,

      Remain persistent. I would also be sending letters to your local law enforcement agency, the FBI, your Congressperson, Senator and your local councilperson. Eventually someone will take an interest and perhaps make it their cause.

      We will keep beating the drum here but there is only so much we can do.

  • IP2

    Maybe the drip drip approach doesn’t work. what we need isa bit of co-ordination. For example how about picking a date in the near future were the victims all get in touch with the FBI at a si,milar time. If we each make one call per day in week starting 2nd November. Maybe all ask similar awkward questions…… Then the following week we have a go at the police department in modesto, then the week afer………

    Point is single complaints get ignored, 50 complaints in the same week get attention.


      YES, Well put. Let’s gather some phone numbers to call. Names of auhorities to place the call to. Pick a day to place them all on the blog. I would like to have the address as well to start sending the misjustice that has torn our lives and been long overdue for redemption. Great.
      Let’s pick Friday, Oct 30th to post the information. Let’s place the call on Monday, Nov 2nd. We’ll answer to Andrew’s blog that he placed on Oct. 14 at 7:36am, for all of to reply our information. I encourage everyone to paticipate and research. Any information is one step closer to Tonya’s day in jail.

      • guessing

        I can reach out to a number of the victims. Is the Sacramento FBI contact listed the best place to call?

  • heart-broke/n

    I have been calling the FBI in Sacramento and asking for the SAC (special agent in charge) his name is DREW S. PARENTI his number is Phone: (916) 481-9110. We must call, write whatever and get some action on this! I will partake in the calling of the schedule as some one has suggested.

    • guessing

      what does he say when you call?

  • Beth Mardones

    Count me in too! I hope we can get as many people as possible to call.

  • Tim

    I called the Sacramento office and was referred to the Modesto FBI office. There I reached an agent named Andrew Brandt at 209-543-7846. He spent quite a bit of time taking additional information (we had worked with SG since 2006). He agreed that the crime was appalling but wouldn’t comment on the investigation except to say that it takes time. I feel a little better knowing that I’ve provided more info. directly to the FBI process. Others may want to contact him to make sure their names are on the list of those affected, with the $s lost, etc.

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