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Octo-Doc Expelled From ASRM

While here in Atlanta for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s Annual Meeting, I have learned that Michael Kamrava, the physician who treated Nadya Suleman, has been expelled from the ASRM. According to the USA Today:

Suleman has said that her fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava of the West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills, transferred six embryos to her uterus for each of her pregnancies. Reportedly, she delivered eight babies because two embryos split into two pairs of identical twins.

Six embryos far exceeds the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) guidelines for women Suleman’s age. The guidelines, based mainly on patient age and embryo quality, recommend transferring only one or two embryos in patients under age 35 to reduce the risk of multiple births. According to 2007 data posted online by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, an affiliate of the ASRM, Kamrava reported transferring an average of 4.1 embryos to patients under 35.

“We have a disciplinary committee that gathers information, we give people an opportunity to explain themselves, and then we take action if the committee thinks it’s necessary,” ASRM spokesman Sean Tipton said. “It’s a lengthy process. We’re very concerned with providing appropriate due process.”

The ASRM’s board of directors, as is customary, made the final decision late last month to expel Kamrava, Tipton said. An ASRM press release Sept. 25 mentioned that the organization had expelled a member, whom Tipton confirmed was Kamrava.

It is important to note that Kamrava still has his medical license and is free to continue to operate his practice as only the Medical Board of California can revoke or suspend his license. And if reports are true, all the notoriety Kamrava has garnered has done wonders for his medical practice as his waiting room is overflowing. Then again, quantity has never translated into quality for the OctoDoc as he has one of the worst success rates in the country. In the last year of published statistics, Kamrava transferred 61 embryos and ended up with only 2 births; a mind-numbingly awful .032% success rate per transfer. What makes these alarmingly abominable numbers even worse is that Kamrava transfers 50% more embryos into his patients than the national average.

Parenthetically, has anyone watched the OctoMom’s reality show? I remain very curious if there are any identical twins among the octuplets.


3 comments for “Octo-Doc Expelled From ASRM”

  • ep

    The ASRM should be disbanded – they’re obviously irrelavent. If he clearly expained the risks and she was of sound mind, it should be no one elses business. And regarding his poor success rate? Do we know what type of patients he treated? They may very well have been the toughest cases with the lowest projected success rate from the outset. However, if his practice had patients of similar risk as any other fertility clinic, then he should have been removed for substandard performance – not for his success with Ms Suleman. For that, only congratulations are in order for both patient physician.

  • Incredulous

    You have to be kidding me EP. The man joined a voluntary organization and promised to follow their rules. He broke them and got the heave-ho. Sounds about right to me.

  • Recent Surrogate

    I don’t think transferring 6 embryos into a younger than average patient with a proven success at receiving embryos is truly considered a success. If she didn’t want to “waste” them.. fine, but wouldn’t it have been a little more ethical to transfer 3 at a time thus lowering the potential risks to the babies born from the transfers?

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