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Maine To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage Tomorrow

Will Maine be the first state to authorize same-sex marriage by popular vote? With the polls showing a dead heat, it will all come down to which side gets their supporters out to vote. According to the Washington Post:

Public opinion surveys in Maine show a dead heat on Question 1, which would cancel the marriage statute that passed the legislature in May and was signed by Gov. John E. Baldacci (D).

In the five other states where gay men and lesbians are allowed to marry their partners, permission was granted by courts or legislatures. Baldacci expressed guarded optimism Sunday about the effort to defeat the Maine proposition.

“I believe it’s something in the water or the air in this state that recognizes individual rights and anti-discrimination attitudes,” the governor said by phone from Augusta, the capital. “It’s more of a libertarian-type state than it is Republican or Democrat. We have two Republican senators, two Democratic representatives, and there have been two independent governors.”

The campaign against same-sex marriage in Maine draws heavily from the effort that a year ago overturned a California Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. TV commercials produced by Schubert Flint Public Affairs, a Sacramento consulting firm, feature parents lamenting that their young children are being taught in school that marriage between two women or two men is normal. Nearly identical ads were highly effective in California.

If you know anyone in Maine, give them a call and remind them to go vote tomorrow to restore the inherent equality our Constitution promises to all individuals.


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