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No News Is Bad News: Another Bala Surrogacy Update

Unfortunately, I have received some more troubling information about the Bala Surrogacy incident we blogged about earlier this week. Apparently, Bala Surrogacy has ignored repeated written and verbal requests by the Intended Parents and Surrogate for an accounting of their trust funds and immediate payment on all past due amounts. From material provided to me, it appears as if Bala Surrogacy has not made a reimbursement payment to the affected Surrogate since July. The amount that is currently owed to this Surrogate is in excess of $17,000 including reimbursements for insurance premiums and lost wages. It is my further understanding that both the Surrogate and Intended Parents have retained attorneys to take immediate legal action against Bala Surrogacy as their previous attempts at resolving this dispute have been unsuccessful.

Given this new information, I would strongly encourage anyone working with Bala Surrogacy to contact their attorney immediately. Among other things, your attorney ought to demand a complete accounting of your trust account and insist that all remaining trust funds being held by Bala Surrogacy be immediately transferred to a licensed and bonded escrow company (or to an attorney to be held in their attorney-client trust account). While we have no way of confirming any wrongdoing at this time, there are too many warning signs here to ignore.


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