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Bala Surrogacy Update: Complaints Filed With Pennsylvania District Attorney

I am sorry to have to pass along more bad news, but I have received information that a complaint has been filed with the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s office arising out of the allegations we blogged about last month. Moreover, a commenter posted this on our blog this morning:

I just went numb reading your post. We are in the same boat with Bala Surrogacy. Our surrogate is due monies and we both demanded our escrow funds be returned. To date, we have not heard back. We are now in contact with the DA’s office.

This would make at least two complaints purportedly filed with the District Attorney against Bala Surrogacy since we first reported on the allegations on November 3rd. I have attempted to reach Holly Kahle for comment without success. Calls to Bala Surrogacy are immediately transferred into a full voicemail box that does not allow you to leave a message. The last communication I received from Ms. Kahle several weeks ago was that she was undergoing back surgery but had transferred all trust funds back to the Intended Parents in the case where the Surrogate was owed more than $17,000. Since that time, none of the affected parties have spoken to her and, according to one report, the District Attorney no longer knows where to locate her.

For those Intended Parents and Surrogates still working with Bala Surrogacy, I can only reiterate my earlier advice: contact your attorney immediately. Your attorney ought to demand an immediate accounting of all funds held in trust on your behalf and make arrangements to have them transferred without delay into a licensed escrow company or into an attorney’s client trust account.


6 comments for “Bala Surrogacy Update: Complaints Filed With Pennsylvania District Attorney”

  • Ian Donoghue

    I am in the same boat and am currently owed around $17,000 by Bala. I am in Australia though, so could someone let me know if there is an email or a websote for the District Attorney? I would like to file a complaint as well. The agency and Holly are not even responding to our Attorney anymore.

    • scamed surro

      Ian, I am sorry to hear you were also taken by Bala.

      If you contact the owner of this blog he will be able to give you the contact info for the District attorney working on this.


  • Drea

    I am an egg donor for Bala. I have been for well over a year, and I work constantly with Holly. I LOVE working with Bala and Holly, and have NEVER had a problem with them, Holly personally helped me through the worst experience with another clinic. I find it odd that this story has been REMOVED from all other sites, because it is not true! Odd huh?

  • Ian Donoghue

    To the egg donor:
    I am glad your dealing have worked out for you, however the reason it is here is because it is TRUE – I have been chasing Holly for almost a year now on outstanding monies still owed to me. She does not even repsond to messgaes anymore. So please dont insult those of us who are still being screwed over by Bala.

  • Drea

    I’m sorry if I offended you, but to me it is weird ALL other sites have decided there was no merit to this story and took it off their sites. I have a right to stand up and defend a company I would recommend to many others, and hand out MY facts, like some people claim to have theirs.

    • Scammed Surro

      I am one of the surrogates that are unfortunately having to deal with Holly and her “agency”. This is very true and I am having to live this nightmare over and over again. Like Ian said, I am glad your dealing with Bala Surrogacy went well, but IT IS VERY TRUE. Every surrogacy website I have look at today still have their warnings up about Bala Surrogacy. I hope that the warning stay up forever! Holly did do this to people that put trust in her and she ran with this trust taking her clients money. Even if these matters get resolved in anyway people have a right to know how Holly runs her business so they may make a informed decision to work with her or not.

      Ian, I am sorry once again you have to go through this!
      Also, I have seen the court paper regarding the case with my IPs and Holly has been served and will be in court very soon have to face the judge regarding this matter.

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