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The Accusation Against Octo-Doc, Michael Kamrava

I finally had an opportunity to review the formal Accusation against Michael Kamrava filed by the Medical Board of California. Among the most egregious allegations is that Kamrava put Nadya Suleman through seven IVF procedures even though she had numerous frozen embryos available to her for transfer. Here is one paragraph from the Accusation that essentially summarizes the charges against Kamrava:

Accusation Against Michael Kamrava

Paragraph 46 of the Accusation against Michael Kamrava

Among the unanswered questions are how many embryos did Kamrava transfer into Nadya Suleman which led to the octuplet pregnancy and how was Suleman able to afford 7 IVF cycles?


3 comments for “The Accusation Against Octo-Doc, Michael Kamrava”

  • This is a very thoughtful analysis of the case. Thank you for posting this. This is entirely speculation but I have always thought cycles have been funded by a producer/production company. Just my opinion.

  • Brenda Harrison

    I’m hoping my comment will stay posted and not be removed, but I wanted to share my story:
    I’m an egg donor for B Coming and I did a donation for Dr. Kamarava back in 2006 and had a horrible experience at his clinic. I stimulated very well, my procedure was done at 6:30 in the morning and should have been back to my hotel room by Noon the latest. I remember my IV getting started,and then falling asleep to wake up on the following day. From what the agency told me, the agency had been calling all morning on the day of my egg retreival and no one at the clinic was picking up the phones. Finally around 6:00 pm Ms. Balcazar sent her employee Kris Maz to see what happened with their egg donor. The agency has a rule, that after any egg retreival the IVF clinic’s need to call the agency with out come of procedure and to make sure their “donors do wake up from the anesthesia”. I don’t remember seeing Kris, but I do remember Ms. Balcazar at my side at Cedars Hospital. I was given to much anesthesia during the procedure and the clinic could not wake me up. Dr. Kamarava refused to call for an ambulence or 911. After Kris was informed that I had not woken up, he called Ms. Balcazar with the alarming news. Dr. Kamarava would not do anything for me and requested about 8:00 pm that night for Ms. Balcazar to personally come to his office and remove me from his office. I do remember hearing Ms. Balcazar voice, I weigh 140 pds. and I could not see Ms. Balcazar picking me up or skinny Kris. Ms. Balcazar finally convinced Dr. Kamarava to admit me to Cedars Sinai Hospital which I stayed for 7 days. All my expenses were paid and I have been able to do 3 more donations without any complications.
    When I hear anything related to Dr. Kamrava and his staff “it gives me the chills. I know your at wars with this agency Andy, but I really want everyone to see what Dr. Kamarava has become “A MONSTER”!

    • Brenda,

      I have no intention of deleting your post as you have identified yourself and shared your story about Michael Kamrava. If these accusations are true, then potential clients ought to consider them in addition to the other available information before making a decision to seek treatment with the West Coast IVF Clinic. The same advice applies to anyone considering using the services of B Coming.

      Thank you for sharing your story and I am glad everything turned out well for you.

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