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SurroGenesis Update – Where The Term “Law Enforcement” Has Become An Oxymoron

A year has passed since we first reported on the SurroGenesis scandal. In what defies credulity, not a single arrest has been made even though it is indisputable that more than $3,000,000 of client trust funds were embezzled. Those responsible have evaded accountability for their actions, largely due to the breadth of the scam and the resulting inability of local law enforcement to prosecute an action of this magnitude. The only law enforcement agency with the resources to prosecute the culpable parties is the FBI and that organization has woefully failed the victims of this criminal enterprise.

For those victims still hoping that justice delayed will not be justice denied, I can only encourage you to continue to pester the FBI, your local medial outlets and your elected representatives. While there may be no funds left to provide any restitution, those responsible need to account for their actions and an unequivocal message sent to the industry that future incidents like this will not be condoned.


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