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Grandmother Having A Child With Her Grandson & The Help Of A Surrogate?

Someone, anyone, please tell me this is a satirical piece from The Onion and not actually true:

Pearl Carter is a 72 year old woman who enjoys her sexuality with Phil Bailey, 26. Untill there, beyond the considerable age difference, it doesn’t seem a very strange story nowadays. Now, if I tell you that Phil is actually Pearl’s biological grandson and they are paying a surrogate mother for having a child, the tale may deviate a little from the regular lanes.

“I’m not interested in the opinion of the others,” said Pearl. “I love Phil and he is in love with me. Soon I will celebrate with my child in my arms, and Phil will be a proud father.” Pearls says. Pearl was an 18 year-old who gave up Bailey’s mother, Lynette, for adoption in Indiana. After Bailey’s mother died of brain cancer, he set out to find his biological grandmother, hoping to find family. Once he tracked down Carter’s address, he wrote her a letter. Then they talked over the phone. Then he emailed her a photo and they arranged to meet in person.

It was in 2006 when grandson and grandmother first saw. “Since the first moment I saw him, I knew I could never have a grandmother-grandson relationship,” she said. Today, the 26 years old grandson left his job as a carpenter and moved with his grandmother/lover, got a job at a local construction company and assures to “be happy.”

Pearl is also brimming with joy: ‘Living with Phil’s incredible. He cooks and cleans, and we make love three times a week.” Twelve months ago, the couple decided to go a step further and decided to have [a child], but Pearl could not do it because of menopause. So they put an ad looking for a mother, which said: “Open mind surrogate wanted.” That’s when they met Roxanne Campbell, who after a few meetings, the task was achieved in a short time and now they are hoping the arrival of their son.

Honestly, there are no words to express the revulsion I feel about this story — on so many levels. I am praying that this story is nothing more than a satirical article that has gone viral as the “news accounts” are on non-mainstream sites and the published articles lack some very basic information which tends to leave me somewhat suspect about their journalistic credibility. I have elected not to quote other portions of the story that were even more loathsome regarding their physical relationship and an alleged condition known as Genetic Sexual Attraction. If there is any truth to this story, then any doctor, mental health “professional” and lawyer who assisted these two individuals should be run out of town and have their licenses yanked.

Obviously if this story is true, these two people should not be having a baby, but instead need to be in intensive therapy at a minimum. Worse than that, it trivializes and makes a mockery of all those individuals who have suffered from infertility and were left no alternative other than to turn to a surrogate to realize their dream of having a child. Again, I have to believe this is nothing more than satire as beyond being repugnant, the underlying relationship between the two is incestuous and presumably illegal in New Zealand. And what about the resulting child and the issues he or she will have to live with, including the fact their mother is simultaneously their Great-Grandmother? It is beyond comprehension that any professional in this industry would be complicit in furthering such an abhorrent arrangement. So unless a reputable news source does some serious reporting on this, I am going to assume that someone was looking for their 15 minutes of fame and this story is a hoax.


One comment for “Grandmother Having A Child With Her Grandson & The Help Of A Surrogate?”

  • Leah

    The article is being attributed to a couple in Indiana, not in New Zealand.

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