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Assisted Reproduction

Some Positive News On The SurroGenesis Investigation

They may not be the J. Edgar Hoover FBI of years past, but it appears as if they have not been totally missing in action either. Apparently there have been some reassignments internally at the FBI as well as positive developments in the investigation which is now cause for optimism. Perhaps we will finally see justice for the victims of the worst surrogacy scandal in the history of this country. For those victimized by SurroGenesis and the Michael Charles Financial Company, I encourage you to contact the Victim Assistance Office in Sacramento, California for additional information. Feel free to email me for the contact information for this office if you do not already have it.


One comment for “Some Positive News On The SurroGenesis Investigation”

  • Susan and Shirley Jansen

    Susan’s little boy will be a year old on June 30. He is beautiful, healthy, bright and happy. If we could retrieve some of the lost $30,000 we could start a college fund. Please advise as to whom we should contact. Thank you for your help.

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