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Protest Vigil In Israel To Be Held For Twins Stuck In India

Seems as if Germany is not the only country struggling with immigration issues relating to children born from surrogates in India:

Itai & Liron

A protest vigil is to begin Monday morning at 10:30 in front of Interior Minister Eli Yishai’s office in Jerusalem to demand that the minister act to bring the twin sons of Israeli citizen Dan Goldberg from India to Israel.

Protesters will demand that temporary visas be issued to the twins, Itay and Liron, who were born in India to a surrogate, so they can enter Israel, where their judicial status can be determined. In a letter to be delivered Monday to Yishai from Mumbai, where Goldberg is living in a hotel with the twins, Goldberg wrote: “I appeal to your heart and your conscience. I am sure you cannot ignore the fact that the lives of my two children are in danger, when the solution is in your hands. I am a law-abiding citizen, a combat soldier who served in Israel’s wars and endangered my life in operational service and still volunteer for reserves. Now it is the state’s turn to give back.”

Attorney Irit Rozenblum, director of the New Family organization, who is closely following the case, on Sunday called on Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar for urgent assistance. As reported in Haaretz on Sunday, Goldberg has been waiting since the twins were born two months ago for a judicial order allowing him and the twins to undergo a paternity test in Israel. The determination that Goldberg is the biological father is a prerequisite for granting the twins Israeli citizenship while they are abroad. Getting such a designation would then allow them into the country. However, the request for the order was denied by Jerusalem Family Court Judge Philip Marcus, on the grounds that it is outside his authority.

Over the past few years, dozens of such orders have been issued by Family Court judges as a matter of course. An appeal of Marcus’ decision was filed with the Jerusalem District Court. The case was referred back to Marcus to reexamine it after a guardian for the twins had been appointed by the court.

I cannot belabor the point enough: if you are considering working with a surrogate, it is essential that you meet with a reproductive law attorney as well as an immigration lawyer before proceeding any surrogate arrangement.


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