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NewsBusters Aghast At CNN’s Depiction Of Gay Families As Normal

Some knuckle-dragging neanderthals over at a right-wing “media research center” called NewsBusters are horrified at the thought of CNN portraying LGBT families as respectable. I kid you not. Here is there statement in reaction to an upcoming special we blogged about two weeks ago that is set to run on CNN next month entitled Gary and Tony Have a Baby:

CNN likes to paint itself as the “objective” middle ground in cable news between Fox News and MSNBC. But you don’t find the middle with a one-hour June special titled “Gary and Tony Have a Baby.” A duo of “gay marriage” activists are the stars “on their quest to have a biological child of their own” — using an egg donor and a surrogate mother. The trailer is here, championing “the support, the drama” behind “the new American family.”

CNN is not the “mainstream” media. Like the other liberal networks, they are the “mainstreaming” media, the idealistic leftists who want to take every sexual orientation straight into the center of respectability.

Funny seeing conservatives crying out for the Fairness Doctrine. Anyone want to take a wager on how many times this NewsBusters site has called Fox News Channel to task for not airing both sides of the debate? I will set the over/under at 1 and I will take the under. Any takers?


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