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SurroGenesis, Tonya Collins & Holly Kahle Back In Business Together?

Could SurroGenesis, Tonya Collins and Holly Kahle really be a phoenix rising from the ashes or is this story simply an internet glitch? My bet is the latter but this report, dated today, just hit the net:

As infertile couples struggle in trying to build a family, many are turning to surrogacy as opposed to the route of adoption, as a way of making their dream of creating a family come true. Tonya Collins & Holly Kahle of SurroGenesis USA, run the largest surrogate and egg donation company in the country, as President/ CEO & Vice President/CFO, respectively.

Holly and Tonya have come to understand infertility from a different view, in that these women are both experienced surrogates themselves. For instance, Tonya Collins, is not only the President/ CEO of SurroGenesis USA, in early 2005, Tonya gave birth to her first surrogate daughter. She has stated, “There are strong personal relationships with infertile couples and their surrogates. These relationships are what helped us decide together to create and agency that is more affordable than most and that brings forth a true emotional connection with our IP’s and surrogates alike.”

Vice President/CFO, Holly Kahle of SurroGenesis USA oversees all egg donor and gestational surrogate arrangements, not to mention, Holly also gave birth to surrogate triplets in March 2006. Of her experience in surrogacy, Holly Kahle has stated she has seen, “a dramatic growth in couples looking to use a surrogate as an alternative means in building a family, both domestically and now internationally too.” Kahle says “One out of every five couples looking to start a family is infertile. Out of those infertile couples, 39% are turning towards surrogacy to achieve their dreams of having a child.”

She continues with, “Infertile couples that struggled to build a family have gone through artificial insemination and IVF, using their own eggs, with multiple tries, which is expensive and emotionally draining, before they turned to surrogacy.”

“For many, surrogacy is the last hope in having a child that is biologically linked to both or at least one parent.”

With corporate offices located in Central California and throughout the United States, SurroGenesis USA was designed to assist infertile couples to have a baby through third-party assisted reproduction. The goal at SurroGenesis USA is to help guide couples through each step of the delicate process, and making the journey to parenthood an enjoyable experience.


Steve Rice

954/ 873 – 0688

Author Information

Steven Rice

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I do not believe this report is credible. The contact number listed for the author of the article, Steven Rice, is not working. We have already documented the recent allegations against Holly Kahle and her new surrogacy agency, Bala Surrogacy. Based upon the last report we received, the FBI has ramped up its investigation into the criminal enterprise allegedly operated by Tonya Collins and SurroGenesis. The class action lawsuit against SurroGenesis as well as two separate arbitrations against other culpable parties continue unabated. So while there is no reason to believe this “news” report is legitimate, the timing of this report is certainly curious. My guess is this is an old news story that mistakenly got recycled on this aggregator site.


One comment for “SurroGenesis, Tonya Collins & Holly Kahle Back In Business Together?”

  • John

    You don’t believe the article is credible yet you post the article on your blog. Astounding.

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