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SurroGenesis Update: Tonya Collins Finds Religion?

Is Tonya Collins so haunted by the millions of dollars she embezzled and the countless lives and dreams she destroyed that she has genuinely turned to religion for forgiveness? Or has her turn to Jesus been motivated by a newly energized FBI investigation and fear of criminal prosecution? I will let you judge this new MySpace page of Tonya Collins who know hides behind the pseudonym of “Princess T”:

For whatever my opinion is worth, it is unconscionable that Collins and the others responsible for the SurroGenesis scandal remain apparently untouched by their actions while their victims continue to pick up the pieces of their lives. Good, decent people have had to abandon their dreams of having families. Law enforcement, to date, has failed these victims horribly. While some civil remedies remain, the actions of the defendants have effectively rendered them judgment proof leaving little recourse to those Intended Parents and Surrogates who had their lives turned upside down. The only justice available to them will be the prosecution of Tonya and her co-conspirators and the outside possibility of a victims fund being established by the government. That fact that she can identify herself without any sense of shame or contrition on a social network site as “adored” is adding further insult to injury and is abhorrent.

What transpired at the hands of Tonya Collins is unforgivable. She has shown no remorse and has made no attempt to provide any restitution to those she harmed. Until she is judged by a jury of her peers in a court of law, she deserves no absolution for her actions.


3 comments for “SurroGenesis Update: Tonya Collins Finds Religion?”

  • Patrick Johnson

    Thanks Andy! If anyone affected wants to start some kind of movement to get her actions back in the news and contacting any government entity such as the Gov. of California and or Federal elected officials please lets work together. Andy has my email. Oh Tonya if you read this were coming after you!
    Patrick Johnson

  • scammed surrogate

    im curious, what does her myspace page say about herself?

    • If you click on the image in the article you will go directly to her page.

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