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More Information Forthcoming On Surrogate Parenting Center Of Texas?

This should be interesting:

By this time, I’m probably not breaking any news to anybody, but I want to acknowledge that, yes, Park Cities People columnist Merritt Patterson was featured on Channel 8 on Monday night.

Investigative reporter Brett Shipp — a Highland Park High School graduate, by the way — looked into the finances of Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas, a business that Merritt closed last fall. He interviewed at least two infertile couples and at least two egg donors, all of whom had a beef with Merritt over money they say she owed them — and none of whom were named.

Since the piece aired, I’ve been inundated with demands for a response. And that’s understandable. Because if you know Merritt, then you know that if Shipp had focused his attention on any other Park Cities resident, she would have linked to his report from our blog. Remaining silent on the issue would make us look hypocritical.

But it’s not so easy to respond to something like that quickly. I wasn’t nearly as blind-sided as Merritt was, but I was taken aback just the same.

We plan to publish our own report on Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas in our Feb. 25 edition. Because he’s new here and barely knows Merritt, the story will be written by Bradford Pearson. And unlike Shipp, we will name our sources, we will give everyone involved ample time to respond, and we won’t ambush anyone with a camera as they leave home to pick up their kids.

Given the last sentence, I am curious as to how objective and complete this report will be. Moreover, by promising to “name his sources”, Mr. Keller may have created a chilling effect that will deter SPCT clients with legitimate complaints from contributing to the story out of fear of jeopardizing their anonymity with their egg donors. Additionally, if the reporter insists on not allowing confidential sources, complainants will likely refuse to cooperate so as to avoid having their infertility condition published and made known to the community at large, let alone to family members and friends who might be unaware of their medical conditions. Beyond that, egg donors and surrogates are typically prohibited under their contracts with their Intended Parents from disclosing details of their arrangements.

So if the goal is to present a fair and balanced report, then promising to “out” your sources may not be the best approach. Also, as part of his investigative report, I hope that Mr. Pearson contacts Park Cities Banks and asks them whether they freeze account funds for 45 days following stop payment requests. With respect to Patterson, Mr. Pearson should insist she explain how any surrogate or egg donor could justifiably have their payments delayed by months if the money was deposited into a segregated trust account for their benefit.


5 comments for “More Information Forthcoming On Surrogate Parenting Center Of Texas?”

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  • Toni Hollinger

    My name is Toni Hollinger,me and my husband George Hollinger are victims of another case like this at Sher Institute Dallas at Medical City Dallas wit Doctor Walid A. Saleh.on the day that i WAS TO HAVE MY EGGS TAKEN OUT! the nurse told me and my mom that they did not have my husbands sperm sample back there.she told us that she was trying to find the doctor to tell him.but i was wheeled back there anyway. then the doctor later took my eggs and then told me that I had a different amount of eggs than what he had taken.later on after he had told me that my 3 embryo’s had died on of the workers from his office called me by phone after she had stopped working there and admitted that the doctor had took my eggs after fausely telling us that they had died. she told us that we had not had any embryo’s My husband had came home on his R&R from Afghanistan to give a collection and paid out of pocket for this proceedure. the lab had came into the room on that day and told us that his his sperm sample was good and that the count was very high.and that my husband had gave them way more that they needed. when the doctor could not tell me what he had did with them. I asked for our medical file there was another patients file in my file who he had being calling me as being a patient there.the worker also told me that this doctor was guilty of this with other patients there, but had not gotten caught. we found out that in the State of Texas. there are no Constitutional Laws to protect us. because these cases are new we tried to file a police report but they had no forms.

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  • Chauncey

    Walid A. Saleh has scammed us, too! SIRM has some success stories, but they have a big scam going on over there. It has to do with telling you that you have no embryos and changing the story several times. One day they will say “Great! you have 10 grade 1 embryos, then all of a sudden, they all died or were bad. He is a scam artist!! They must sell the embryos for a lot of money. Walid Saleh and his staff are frauds. I think they fill their website with fabricated stories. People need to stay away from this clinic!!

  • Chauncey

    Dr. Walid Saleh at SIRM scammed us in a similar way. Dr. Walid Saleh is a fraud and scam artist. They told me that my donor produced bad eggs. She was only 22. At first they said she had many grade 1 embryos, but then they kept changing the story. I think they must be selling embryos to some very lucrative source. They need to be stopped!!! They have great stories on their website, but these frauds don’t scam every single person. they are crafty enough to only scam certain people so they will have testimony from the “happy” people to counteract the scams. Dr. Saleh in Dallas is a fraud. Beware of SIRM!

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