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Men Who ‘Imported’ Uzbekistani Women To Work As Surrogates Receive Probation

We go from Thailand to Taipei:

Taipei District Court Tuesday gave probations to three men who had imported women from Uzbekistan into the country to serve as surrogate mothers. According to the court, the main suspect surnamed Kuo, desired mix-race babies and used reasons such as marriage or studying as excuses to bring a total of six Uzbekistani women into the country since 2007.

Kuo and another two suspects, both his cousins, had successfully conceived four children with three Uzbekistani women. The illegal activity came to light because one of the Uzbekistani women they imported to Taiwan was tested HIV positive, according to the court.

During investigation, Kou, who works as a doctor in Keelung City, admitted that he wanted babies with beautiful doll-looking and therefore searched for a surrogate mother because his wife became infertile after she gave birth to his first child. He came up with the idea and persuaded his two cousins to join the illegal act, said the court. The court later found that Kuo did spent a lot of money in hiring babysitters and buying all kinds of necessities to taking care his children, which proved that he was trying to be a responsible father.

The court therefore decided to give Kuo two years in prison and five years on probation so that he will not be jailed and can take care of his children. He was also given NT$ 500,000 (S$21,590) of fine and 100 hours of community service. Kuo’s cousins were also given probation period.\


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