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Park Cities News Publishes Its Report On Merritt Patterson & Surrogate Parenting Center Of Texas

While the story is not yet available online, Park Cities News has teased its upcoming report on Merritt Patterson and the now-defunct Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas:

This has been one of the most difficult weeks I’ve had in my 2.5 years at Park Cities People.

As anybody who reads this blog regularly knows by now, Merritt Patterson — a freelance columnist and blogger for us since 2005 — was the target of a Channel 8 report that aired on Valentine’s Day. Brett Shipp looked into the finances of Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas, a business that Merritt owned for 15 years and closed last October.

Shipp interviewed at least two egg donors and at least three infertile couples, all of whom had beefs with Merritt over money they say she owed them. Given Merritt’s longtime penchant for calling people out on their drama, plus her recent hounding of the HPISD over its finances, I felt the only appropriate response would be for us to do our own story — a more complete, balanced story — on Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas. That story, written by Bradford Pearson, is in the papers that will be hitting Park Cities lawns this afternoon.

When I announced last week that we would be publishing this story, I got up on my high horse and said that, unlike Shipp, we would name our sources. Well, none of the people featured in Shipp’s report would talk to us on the record. And even some people who spoke highly of Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas didn’t want their names used, because they, understandably, don’t want people to know they needed its services. So, if you want to take me to task over that, the comments are on.

Nonetheless, Brad did a great job with the story. Will the Merritt haters have problems with it? Of course. Will Merritt herself have problems with it? Most certainly. But that’s the mark of a balanced story; neither side will be completely satisfied.

As soon as the report is available online, we will post it. In the meantime, kudos for now to Dan Koller for eating some humble pie in retracting his promise to name his sources – a promise we criticized the moment it was made. Also, the reporter who has written the story, Brad Pearson, did reach out to me to speak to some of our former clients who were victimized by SPCT. I am looking forward to Mr. Pearson’s report and hope it is as fair and balanced as promised.

Update 2/24/11 at 11:00 a.m. : Perhaps I was too optimistic about this report not being a whitewash of what transpired at SPCT. Based upon some comments on the Park Cities News blog today, it seems that Ms. Patterson has no problems adding insult to injury by trivializing the allegations against her as she solicits ideas for a theme song to trumpet her return to Park Cities News:

kmom @ February 24, 2011 at 10:22 am:
I haven’t read the story, and reading it may answer this question but I’m asking any way. Is Merritt gone from your employ, or is she returning to write for you again?

Merritt Patterson @ February 24, 2011 at 10:47 am:
Returning. But I’ll need a theme song. Any suggestions?



8 comments for “Park Cities News Publishes Its Report On Merritt Patterson & Surrogate Parenting Center Of Texas”

  • CampbellsChickenNoodle

    So basically she’s not allowed to be pithy ever again, because of this story?

    I just need to know, so I can figure out what color, and what letter, I need to make for her to wear in public at all times. Please advise.

    Also, are you assuming that the story leans one way or the other because Patterson is still employed? You know what they say about assuming …

    • I never said she shouldn’t be pithy. However, there is a time and place for everything and I think it is in very poor taste for her to be trivializing the allegations against her in the comment section of the paper that is allegedly about to report on the accusations. Moreover, there are victims who have had their lives decimated and their dreams of having a child dashed and I suspect they would take great offense to the cavalier attitude being displayed by Ms. Patterson.

      As far as your query about me making assumptions, I would respectfully suggest you look up the word “perhaps”.

      Let me know if this reply helped you with your wardrobe choices.

    • LL

      Are you sure she is still employed? Her photo is no longer on the meet the bloggers page. Just the failed podcast one.

  • Karen

    You’re a short guy, aren’t you?

    • Well, I’ve never been confused with an NBA player if that helps. Thanks for stopping by and contributing!

  • LL

    Thanks for updating Andrew! Also love your replies to merritts snarling friends.

  • MTR1

    Thank you Andrew! Merritt’s shady friends are out in full force, it seems. Your voice is so important on the side of good-hearted donors and couples who only wanted a family and are still seeking justice and answers regarding their own children, bodies and least importantly, money.

    • Hi MTR1,

      Thanks for the kind words. If you happen to have a copy of the Park Cities News’ article, could you possibly scan and send my way? I will gladly post their findings on the blog so that those not in the circulation area can have a chance to read it as well.

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