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To The Victims Of Surrogate Parenting Center Of Texas

As many of our readers know, we have been following the allegations leveled against Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas and Merritt Patteson since last year. We have been touched by the stories shared by the victims and mortified at the sordid conduct alleged against SPCT and Patterson.

However, lost in all of the reporting is any focus on the real damage that has been wrought by Patterson and SPCT. Most of the news reports have understandably focused on the financial harm caused by the business practices of SPCT. Yet what has garnered little attention are the victims who have been forced to abandon their dreams of starting a family because of the financial repercussions. We would like to help these victims if we can.

If you were an Intended Parent victimized by SPCT and can no longer afford to proceed with a surrogacy and/or egg donation arrangement, please contact us as we will offer our legal services on a pro bono basis. We will also reach out to other professionals in the industry to request that they offer their services at a discounted fee or at no charge.

This industry is made up of caring professionals who aspire every day to help their clients and patients become parents. Incidents like the one alleged against SPCT are aberrational and abhorred by every ethical professional in this field. Nevertheless, when they occur, the harm that is caused can be irreparable. Hopefully we can avoid that. So if you were victimized by SPCT and need assistance, please be sure to email us.


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