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Victim Of SPCT Business Practices Shares More Of Her Personal Story

Last week we shared the inredibly moving account of one of the victims who alleged wrongful conduct on the part of the now-defunct Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas and its owner, Merritt Patterson. Today, in a compelling and heart-wrenching blog entry, that victim responds to an anonymous stalker who may be intentionally impersonating her:

Dear “Fertility Professional,”

Hello. Nice to see you here. I always assumed you read my blog. Now, I have concrete knowledge that you, or a friend of yours, reads it. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my pain, tragedy, and ultimate resolution.

I have just one question for you, as you already know how we (the collective “we”) feel about what you have done.

What if this happened to your daughter?

What if your daughter altruistically decided to donate her eggs, went through an IVF cycle, and then did not receive her compensation, or received her comp much later than what is appropriate? Would you be upset for her?

Or, what if your daughter decided to be a gestational carrier, and spent a year of her life going through tests, a transfer, a pregnancy and finally a birth? And then your daughter did not receive her surrogate compensation for a full five months after she gave birth?

Or, conversely, what if your daughter has suffered immensely trying to start a family, and you are right there along with her, holding her hand, sobbing with her, being there for her? And then someone in another state has $9,000 of her hard earned money, and for an unexplained reason was not refunding money that is rightfully her’s and her husband’s? And then months later you find out that this situation happened to many other couples out there, not just your daughter and son-in-law; that there is a pattern of behavior going back a number of years, even corroborated by medical and other professionals? And finally, all of this happened to your daughter while she is greiving the very death of her son, her first child; your first grandson…would you simply stand by and allow this behavior?

And what if you had strong reasons to believe this same person was using your daughter’s last name, as well as her three initials/email address to post positive reviews of said business in online forums? Would you be disturbed, concerned, and want to do something about it?

Would you write about this person or business in your blog; talk about it at length during your podcasts? Would you call them out for hurting your daughter, causing emotional damage and stress that was completely unnecessary? Given the nature of your gossip blog, I have to wonder….

I am someone’s daughter, sister, best friend, wife….I am not just a checkbook.

How would you feel if this happened to your daughter or loved one?

I am going to end this now. You have sucked the life out of me, I have spent countless hours trying to resolve this issue, and I see that you have hypnotized your local area into believing you are a certain person. You do what you wish; you are the one who must live with yourself, not me. I wish you luck in finding your peace….

The depravity of this “Fertility Professional” is beyond description and their actions eerily similar to some of the thuggery that was alleged against SPCT. How much more harm has to be inflicted on the victims of this agency before someone is held to account?


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