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So If You Thought Surrogacy In India Was Perilous, Check Out Ukraine

Another day, another tragic situation involving an Intended Parent being denied entry back home with their children. In this case, a French citizen who had been denied passports for his children, has been arrested for trying to “smuggle” his twins out of the Ukraine:

KIEV, Ukraine – A Frenchman detained in Ukraine for trying to smuggle out his twin daughters born to a surrogate mother says he and his father face a $2,130 (€1,500) fine, and the confiscation of their van. Patrice Le Roch and his father, Bernard, were detained in March after trying to cross the Hungarian border with the infants hidden under a mattress in their van.

They say they acted out of despair after the French government refused to issue the babies passports because it does not recognize surrogacy. Le Roch said Thursday that a verdict in his trial in the western Ukrainian town of Berehovo is expected on May 17. The Frenchmen remain free on bail.


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