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Israeli Supreme Court Approves Surrogacy Arrangement For A 4th Child

This just out of Israel:

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a couple who wish to have a surrogate bear their fourth child. The couple’s request to use a surrogate had been rejected by a hospital board, which argued that surrogacy was allowed in order to give children to infertile couples with no children, and should not be used under other circumstances.

According to the couple, board members had argued that it would be immoral to allow a surrogate mother to get pregnant, putting her health in danger, for the sake of a fourth child.

The court ruled that the permissibility of surrogacy in any particular case should not depend on the number of children a couple already has.

Good luck to the couple on number 4!


One comment for “Israeli Supreme Court Approves Surrogacy Arrangement For A 4th Child”

  • Melissa

    There are so many news in surrogacy world. I have just got to know the surrogacy case in France. http://newseurope.info/video/surrogacy-a-form-of-planned-parenting-yet-to-win-eu-wide-acceptance/ I am sure that surrogate motherhood should be allowed. Surrogacy should be allowed because some people are physically unable to bear children. People should have the right to be parents. Nobody also presses surrogates to be surrogates. The politics concerning such children is wrong in France. The justice always wins.

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