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Miracles Egg Donation Has Closed Its Doors — Or Has It? [Updated]

We have received an email confirmation that Miracles Egg Donation, Inc. has shut down. This is not surprising given the increasing number of victims who have come forward alleging misappropriation of trust funds and the failure to pay surrogates and egg donors.

If you are working with Miracles in any capacity, I would strongly encourage you to contact your attorney immediately to determine your rights and what remedies may exist. A number of the victims have already filed reports with the FBI and local law enforcement and your attorney can explore with you what options might exist.


As of August 23rd in an email, Allison Layton acknowledged that “Yes we have closed our office.” Yesterday, Miracles sent a letter to some of the victims stating:

Miracles Inc, would like to take the time to thank all of the clients, donors, surrogates, doctors, nurses, and attorneys that have remained and remain faithful to us during this trying situation. Some of you have already received notification and are aware of the current situation. We thank you for all of your words of kindness and support.

Miracles is in deed still open and has not closed our doors as we have recently heard was announced.

Miracles has been in business as most of you know since 2006. With many of you we have had a wonderful working experience together, in which we are extremely proud of. We have helped over 1,000 clients to date, with more than 1,000 babies being born through the assistance of our agency. We are not going to let something someone has done to affect our company cause us to close our doors. We have and are taking immediate action, along with changed company policies. All professional fees due for services will be required to be paid directly by the client and not that of Miracles. All donor fees require being held with either the donor’s attorney, or the Intended parent’s attorney. Anything surrogacy related to be held with the attorneys and or an escrow holding company. These fees will not be allowed to come through Miracles offices.

Any parties who have had an issue with Miracles Inc. will be receiving a letter from us. Any parties who are owed any money for medical bills, reimbursements of any sort etc.. will also be taken care of. We have been working with clients to make sure their issue/issues are resolved whatever they may be in a timely manner. We ask that if you were affected and have not yet received correspondence to please notify us by phone so that we may rectify your situation by calling 626-335-8777. (This number we have had since 2006 and is the same number that is and has been on our website.) We ask that you please be sure to leave a message should you not get a live person when you call and you will receive a return call no later than the next business day.

We appreciate and also want to thank those of you who have taken the time so send such wonderful and caring letters, cards, and for the wonderful calls we have received from so many of you. Most of all we thank those of you who have kept your faith in us, and have chosen to remain working with us. It is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Miracles Egg Donation and Surrogacy, Inc.

So is Miracles open or not? It seems that it all depends upon who is receiving the particular message as it varies based upon the recipient. Also, no word on whether the other Miracle “facilities” in Europe, California and Australia are open or not either.

So many new questions now given this most recent (and contradictory) statement by Layton. Hopefully, no matter what happened in the past, Layton finds a way to recover the funds that are owed to Miracles’ Donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents.


11 comments for “Miracles Egg Donation Has Closed Its Doors — Or Has It? [Updated]”

  • WorriedInCa

    Not surprising at all… but it leaves those of us who are owed substantial amounts of money out in the cold. Have they just shut dwn or are they filing for bankrupcy as well?

    • There have been conflicting messages coming from Ms. Layton over the past week. The most recent missive sent to some of the victims indicates that she is still operating and taking on new clients. Her message also promises a forthcoming email from her attorney regarding the missing funds and outstanding financial obligations.

  • Cj

    “1000 babies in 5 years” – really?!?!

    • Come On

      Yeah I think that is a load of BS too. Even with Egg donoations and the surrogacies, her company was small by company standards. She only had about 6-8 surrogates in the past year, so that would only average to like 40-50 babies if there were multiples. Even if you double that from couples who used egg donation-1,000 babies is a completely inflated number there is no way. Unless you include all those babies made with her personal egg donations over the years, which she apparantly fetched a high price for. $10,000 for her eggs is SO ridiculous when the angel surrogates who actually do the work of carrying the babies only start at double that. Most egg donors only make an average of 3500-5000. http://intendedparents.com/News/Only_option_left_for_many_couples.html

  • Susan

    I am glad to read this. We did receive a letter and all monies owed to us last week. I called the office and left a message with the receptionist to let them know our refund was received and to thank Allison for resolving this issue for us. She called me back and was very positve that things were getting resolved and also thanked me for my patience and understanding. She does not plan on going anywhere and wants to make sure anyone that has had any sort of issue is taken care of. I feel she definitely wants to do what is right or else she would not have taken the time to mail a letter or help us with our refund. I am also happy to read of the new policies in place. This just makes it even more clear she is taking control and making sure it does not happen again and to restore everyone’s “faith” as she states in her company. I believe this to be a very good, decent,respectable and just thing she is doing. Good for her.

    • ?

      So were you an IP, donor, or surrogate then? I am owed a lot and have been for a long time now. Where’s my “refund”? I can’t get a straight answer on if or when I will receive my payments. Allison just resurfaced and now tells me that she can’t pay me directly, only her lawyers are issuing the payments now, but can’t tell me why or when that will be. Funny how she dissapeared for over a month, only to come back with no real answers and empty promises to pay those who are owed.

  • SB

    wow, how the positive input just keeps on coming; bravo Allison Layton……..it wouldn’t surprise me that she would be fabricating such wonderful stories over and over again. The fact is that Allison Layton is in a very bad situation, and no other way to make money other than lure people back in to generate business. The statement made above “We are not going to let something someone has done to affect our company cause us to close our doors. We have and are taking immediate action, along with changed company policies” The only person who has affected the company negatively is Allison Layton and her spending habits and as for the taking immediate action to change company policies; SERIOUSLY now she wants to play by the rules? Who is “our” in the statement “close our doors” does she have a mouse in her pocket, she’s the only one running the show……actions speak louder than words.

  • GT

    I love the “something someone has done to affect our company” in the above statement. Isn’t that someone Allison? How can you “change company policy” when you are the company. And the company is being run out of your home. How professional is that.

  • Seriously?

    I completely agree. The only person who has done something to the company is Allison herself. She is the one who ran the show, and the one who played with everyone’s money. If there was really this “someone else” who caused all these probems, wouldnt her lawyers come out and make a statement saying so, and saying they are legalling pursuing this person? The only statements we see being released are from Allison herself. I find the statemet above by SUSAN to be really ridiculous. Since this letter just came out a few days ago, it would be surprising if not impossible that you had received this letter and monies owed to you already. Allison is paying bits and pieces that she can, some medical bills and smaller egg donor fees, but I don’t see her paying any of the large sums of money she owes IPs for their trust funds, or surrogates for their compensation. I will believe it when I see it as they say. I think this is all just a ploy to buy herself more time and try to get new clients again so she can reimburse the old ones she owes money to, which is apprantly what she has been doing for years. And Allison is still the only employee for “the company”. There is no receptionist or assistant. Since she has closed her office location, I also assume she has moved her buisness (if you can call it that) into her own home. I doubt she’ll find anyone who wants to work for her after all this. Continue to ask questions and you’ll get no answers. Those of us who are closely affected by this situation continue to have no resolution and NO real answers!

    • I suspect you are right about her motivations. This is an extremely difficult time for many of the victims and I can certainly appreciate the sense of powerlessness many feel. Those who have been victimized are not without options however. While pursuing a civil suit may bear little fruit given the significant monies that are owed as compared to what appears to be very meager assets, there are other approaches available.

      If you are owed $7,500 or less, you can bring a claim against Miracles and possibly Layton in California Small Claims Court. If you are an Egg Donor or Surrogate that is owed money, you should contact your attorney to make a written demand on the Intended Parents as contractually they may remain liable — even if they too were victimized by Miracles. Intended Parents who have had funds earmarked for their surrogates and donors misappropriated, ought to contact an independent attorney about filing a civil suit for your damages. Finally, all victims ought to consider contacting their local law enforcement and the FBI regarding what has transpired.

      Unfortunately, in past agency scandals, there was never sufficient assets available to make the victims whole. Perhaps this situation might be different. We can only hope. And wait.

  • Hiding

    Some of you might find this interesting- When youve been blonde for years and years, why dye your hair dark brown now, when so many people have been trying to reach you and find you? Trying to blend in and hide Allison so people wont recognize you?

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