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The Unmitigated Gall Of Miracles Egg Donation

So while dozens of Egg Donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents who have been victimized by Miracles Egg Donation are still awaiting their long overdue funds, Miracles had the temerity to publish this email to an unknown number of nurse coordinators in the industry:

GROUPONS now being offered!

Attention Donor Nurse Coordinator:

The fall is approaching fast! This has been a wonderful year and we welcomed many new members to our Miracles family. We would like to provide some information that may assist with your client’s decision about the donor process. We currently have over 700 donors on our site, and are continuously adding new donors weekly.

Should your clients like private access to our donor data base or should you like to have access, please call or email us to request log in information.

If you have any clients that are planning on proceeding with a donor cycle we are offering ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF the inclusive program fee. Now through the month of October we are reducing our inclusive agency fee by $1,000.00. Be sure to tell your clients to take advantage of this limited time only opportunity and save money.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to save money by giving your patients offer code: MEDbiz3110

Call or email us if you have questions or would like more details. Please feel free to forward this email to your clients.


Miracles, Inc.
626-335-8777 Office
626-335-7111 Fax

I wish I had time to parse this email sentence by sentence. Instead I am not going to look beyond Layton’s statement that “[t]his has been a wonderful year and we welcomed many new members to our Miracles family.” Does this individual have any conscience or does she have some twisted sense of family? We are talking about a “family” that has yet to explain where more than $100,000.00 of client trust funds have gone. This is a “family” where surrogates and egg donors are now in collection because their promised funds have disappeared. This is a “family” where no less than 3 sets of Intended Parents have lost their life savings (which was to be held in trust) earmarked for their surrogacy and egg donation cycles and now are facing a lifetime without children. This is a “family” where at least two employees went on stress leave never to return to work because of the shenanigans taking place at Miracles.

Clearly this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to attract new funds to replace those that have disappeared. This is a “family” no one should want any part of.

By the way, here is an update on a Better Business Bureau complaint just filed against Miralces by one of its “family” members:

BBB Business Consumer Complaint
Complaint: 09/06/2011: I am an egg donor and have had a number of problems with this company and the owner A. Layton. I have never been paid on time the 3 times I have worked with them even after signing contracts stating that I would be paid within 7 days. each time I have been ignored for weeks/months and when I finally receive an answer I’m told my check must have been Lost in the mail. From the start of the cycle I had issues because no lawyer wanted to work with Miracles due to the fact that their clients were not being paid and at that point I wanted to cancel the cycle but A. Layton and the Dr involved sent a number of emails and phone calls saying, It would be a major loss/disappointment to the intended parents if I were to cancel. I refused to continue without receiving a postdated check in advance to avoid non-payment but to my dismay even after going through the trouble to protect myself the check bounced after depositing it and I incurred a Bounced check fee to my account. Ms. Layton no longer answers my phone calls/emails and the doctor that performed the procedure even tried a number of times to step in and contact her on my behalf but received no response either. My payment was supposed to be in a trust/escrow account but apparently never was. Working with this company has been the most stressful business experience I have ever had and by next week I will be retaining a lawyer if this isn’t resolved.

Business response: This egg donor will be compensated and shall be receiving the money she is requesting and rightfully owed. We have responded to every email as well as the doctors. She has emailed after business hours on weekends and or Holidays. We have gotten back to her upon the return of open business hours. We have not received any calls from her nor has she left any messages with any issue. Therefore, without leaving a message we are not aware of her call to return her call. The egg donor chose to go forward without any legal representation and signed the legal contract but also signed a legal waiver.

Consumer rebuttal: Ms. Layton/Jarvie’s response is full of half truths & elusive promises. She began with “This egg donor WILL BE compensated…” But no reference was made to when. Will be compensated tomorrow? Next year? This canned response does not reference the contract we each signed which said she had a max of 7 days to remit payment. The last cycle I waited over 3 months to be paid & this time she is almost a month late already with no payment in sight. Actually she is more than late, she sent me a bad check weeks ago knowing full well there was no money in her account. The check was & always is sent from her personal business account, not the trust fund/escrow mentioned in the contract. She should not have had access to the money in the first place to be able to misappropriate/”Misplace” it. Ms Layton/Jarvie makes reference to emailing “Outside of business hours”. While I did email her after business hours due to attending class during the day how can she even attempt to use this as an excuse almost a month later? It hasnt been outside of business hours the entire stretch of her non-payment and it wasnt outside of business hours during the entire 3 months she was late with my last payment.


2 comments for “The Unmitigated Gall Of Miracles Egg Donation”

  • Baffled

    Honestly just hearing that Allison Layton is still trying to drum up buisness in this way, and sending out letters such as these when those of us who are owed thousands of dollars sit here with no response to our queries makes me sick. I really hope she is refused partnership with any and all IVF doctors in the future. Her “buisness” if you can call it that has no right even being open, much less trying to attract new clients. This is the only way Im sure for her to attempt to make money to pay off the thousands of dollars she misappropriated through her company.

  • Insanity

    Allison Layton’s statement that “This has been a wonderful year…….” for Allison this may be true, stealing monies from intended parents, surrogates and donors and spending it frivolously on herself; but for those who have trusted this person and company “NOT” a wonderful year at all. Seriously who is she kidding to make the statement “Be sure to tell your clients to take advantage of this limited time only opportunity and save money”……more like Be Taken Advantage Of. Allison is completely insane to think she can continue fooling people.

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